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  1. Salutations Nick Roll! Remember when you used to say the n-word on Comedy Death-Ray? Is that a good thing to do?
  2. Hello Paul F! Word on the street is that you and Scharpling had a falling out. Anyway, what the hell was the plan with Seeso? Did anyone think that was going to pan out?
  3. Dear Mary Howard, Casey Anthony was found not guilty by a jury of her peers. What is your favorite episode of Friends?
  4. Ms. Lapkus on a scale of 1-10 how awful was it to film a sex scene with Pete Holmes?
  5. Mr. Gabrus at what point does your ironic racism stop being ironic and instead become a mask that eats into your face?
  6. apocowarg

    Episode 185 - Zeke Nicholson, Our Close Friend

    never realized how much fun the forums could be without jeffreyparties but plz mods lock the thread now too much horseplay plz also ban this account
  7. apocowarg

    Earwolf Forum Rules - PLEASE READ

    Love the new rules. So happy I just bought Luke HENDERSON! a new Howl account.
  8. apocowarg


    Happy Birthday, you old sun bear!
  9. stan sitwell smells someone defending sexism on the wind and rises from his grave
  10. apocowarg

    Episode 448 - Master of Horror

    Have you checked your forums inbox recently OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO? Did you even know the forums had a messenger feature? It's shocking, I know. Don't worry you do not have a message from me but you do have one.
  11. apocowarg

    Episode 448 - Master of Horror

    You've been told by a number of people that you are contributing to a pattern of female CBB guests being criticized in a way that male guests are not. If your response to that is "NUH UH YOU ARE DA TRUE SEXISTS" then I don't know what to tell you. Examine your shit or fuck off.
  12. apocowarg

    Episode 447 - These Are the Worst

    Personally, I'd like to praise Stan Sitwell for displaying an amazing amount of courage by continuing to post on a forum where everyone hates him. Just remember Stan, no matter how many people tell you that YOU have a problem, the correct response is to dig in and claim that it is EVERYONE ELSE that has the problem. You inspire me.
  13. Spend less time with your forum posts and more time with your grandparents. The clock only ticks one way. My grandparents are all dead though so I can hang out here if I want. I'm gonna list my favorite Simpsons episodes. 1. Whatever the last one was that aired I didn't watch it but I bet it was good. 2. One with crayon in Homer nose. Note Lisa finds made me tear up. 3. One with substitute teacher. I like Lisa episodes. 4. Hank Scorpio. 5. Them spooky ones with the gravestones. 6. Skinner gets caught under newspapers. 7. Scenes from Springfield. 8. Homer boxing. 9. Homer go to space. 10. Marge go to spa. 11. X-files one. 12. Canyonero. 13. Lisa is vegetarian. 14. Lisa babysit Bart. 15. Flaming Moe. 16. Troy Mclure does sex with fish, 17. Homer owe mean sisters money. 18. Dental plan, Lisa needs braces. 19. Homer almost do sex with Mindy. 20. Homer almost do sex with Lurleen. 21. Bart and Lisa save Impy and Chimpy. 22. Bart not allowed to go see Impy and Chimpy movie. 23. Bart sells his soul. 25. Lisa want a horse. 26. Mr. Plow that's my name that name again is Mr. Plow. 27. Ned goes bonkers and gets locked up. 28. Homer eat too much and gets monkey, 29. Burns steals Bart, dogs shoot bees out of their mouths. 30. Simpsons get trampoline. 31. Jazzman dies. 32. Michael Jackson play piano. 33. Snakes get beat to death. 34. Barts steals Bonestorm. 35. Marge makes pretzels. 36. The angel and the mall. 37. Impy and Chimpy Land with killer robots. 38. Same episode as 37 just wanna say "My son is also named Bort." 39. Bart get job on clown show. 40. Homer become clown man. 41. Mean guy step on all them rakes. Okay, I have to go now but this is pretty good.
  14. apocowarg

    Episode 444 - Mind Your Please and Questions

    I'd caution to say it's irrelevant even without the second part.
  15. Clever strategy to balance your like ratio, Jeffrey. If only you could convert those likes to actual money so you could pay your parents to pretend to love you.
  16. apocowarg

    Episode 149 - Just Sean and Hayes

    You mean this blog post from 2008 has a few thoughts on it. http://agonist.org/cow_tools_revisiting_a_comic_masterpiece/
  17. apocowarg

    Episode 149 - Just Sean and Hayes

    His sign is literally "farm to table" as he lives in a hog pen.
  18. apocowarg

    Episode 149 - Just Sean and Hayes

    Whoa, I take a sabbatical and you guys strip Chanson of his avatar? Not cool. Here's a list of changes I'd like to see: 1. Channy get back avy 2. beeface start reading previous posts and using the like button (it's in the lower right-hand corner) 3. less likes on Zsinjeh's posts (self-explanatory) 4. Henry, how you doing, baby. Keep your chin up. 5. Dad, wish you were around more when I was...no wargen not the time stay strong 6. Charlie Murphy Brown keep posting word salad for my eyes to quickly skim over 7. Coming back was a mistake I am already running out of steam. 8. *Front page should just be pictures of hippos relaxing but not too much mud on them. 9. Double space all posts. Not including this one. 10. sOmEoNe StArT tYpInG lIkE tHiS i MiSs MySpAcE 11. Remove the devil's number 12. Disagreements settled by whoever can guess the other person's true name first 14. Popcorn Gallery questions must be asked in order of length. 15. .Everyone gets songs that start to auto-play when you read their post (Far Behind by Candlebox reserved for wargen) 16. silvrwoman tell me I am nice person 17. croworld makes a comeback in a big way *fig.1 example
  19. List of things to do when mixing Ambien and alcohol: 1. Sleep, no not really 2. Stay Awake, that's the stuff 3. Pull all the documents out of your safe and carefully read each one, did you miss anything? 4. Lay on your back with your arms and feet in a defensive position, they can't see you now 5. Make direct eye contact with the animals that live in your house, establish dominance 6. Ponder the nature of the hag fish, what (if anything) do they love? 7. Read a book, you will not retain this information 9. Deactivate all social media, now we're cooking 10. Forget if you brushed your teeth, brush those puppies again 11. Is someone at the door, no...no it can't be true 12. Shadows, are there too many in this room? 13. Watching eyes, who designed these enormous windows 14. Remember you are safe, yes this is your home 15. Nothing can harm you, silly child 16. Sleep now, welcome your old friend, oblivion
  20. His eyes haunt me. Happy Birthday!
  21. From the desk of Sean and Hayes.