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  1. LaurassicPark

    Episode 209 — The Bisco Boys

    Aw thanks, that's really sweet. I have a soundcloud, and I'm actually working on a new plugs theme right now along with another project. https://soundcloud.com/lveg
  2. LaurassicPark

    Episode 209 — The Bisco Boys

    I was worried telling Scott I wanted to "cut his face off and wear it as a mask" would be too much, and instead that plugs theme was called "charming". Hey I'll take the compliment, haha. Thanks guys!
  3. LaurassicPark

    Joy to Plugs

    They used it in the 2012 Holiday Spectacular! I made it thinking that Wompler was going to be the guest, but she had her own holiday thing instead (not that I minded!). Thanks!
  4. LaurassicPark

    Dreamin' of Plugs

    Here's a new plugs theme from L-Veg and the Others entitled "Dreamin' of Plugs" https://soundcloud.c...reamin-of-plugs Just to be absolutely clear, I do not actually intend to hurt and/or impersonate Scott Auckerman. And on that note, ENJOY!
  5. LaurassicPark

    Episode 192 — Best of 2012 Pt 1

    SO YOU GUYS. I am going on a fun drive to (and home from) a funeral that is hours away this week. Can anyone give me suggestions for episodes that would be best to play for someone who has never heard the show before? Also preferably something that won't have me blushing in front of my mom... Listening to this episode, I'm thinking Friends Without Words would work pretty well. I wish I could play something with Andy Daly or Jessica St. Clair, but the word "dick" might be in there just a few too many times for my poor mother.
  6. LaurassicPark

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    Bears, barrels, and a forgotten legend: this is the story of Sam Patch.
  7. LaurassicPark

    Jeff Q&A

    Would you possibly consider doing Nerd Poker as a monthly podcast with a slightly longer running time (1.5-2 hours) if it meant the podcast could keep on podcasting? Also, not a question but a suggestion. If the guys on the show don't draw pictures of their characters, they/you/somebody should ask the listeners for submissions. I'm sure the results would be amazing.
  8. LaurassicPark

    Episode 191 — 2012 Holiday Spectacular

    I've never felt more honored in my life than when Scott Auckerman said my name. He even pronounced it with more accuracy than 8 out of 10 substitute teachers. I will use my week of fame wisely.
  9. LaurassicPark

    Episode 3 — In Search of Gear

    So I get the sense that a lot of listeners play d&d too. Who wants to share crazy stories? The group I play with has, not once but twice, decided to befriend the evil ass dragon we were going to fight. My character has also inadvertent broken an unconscious man's ribs by trying to nudge him awake, only to roll a natural 20.
  10. LaurassicPark

    Episode 82 — Voice

    What a great episode! Bell was fantastic, and I hope she can be on this podcast (and others) in the future. Does anyone know if the short film she mentioned is available online?
  11. LaurassicPark

    Episode 40 — CA: Slave Ship

    Hey guys, interesting discussion today. I've been enjoying this week's Cloud Atlas episodes, and look forward to the rest. However I just wanted to put something out there in regards to Lana Wachowski's transgender status. Using the phrase "got a sex change" to mean "came out as tansgendered" is essentially the trans* equivelent to calling a black person "colored"; it's very outdated and offensive to many trans* individuals. "Sex change" implies that a trans* individual's gender identity needs to be authenticated by means of surgery, when in reality, many trans* individuals choose to never get surgery. The term also implies that gender is entirely biological, and needs to be "changed" to affirm a trans* person's gender. Some trans* people get surgery, while others do not, but an individual who gets surgery isn't legitimized more than someone who hasn't. In fact, Lana Wachowski has always been a woman, even when she was still presenting as a man. It's also considered pretty offensive to even ask a trans* person if they've had SRS (sexual reassignment surgery), as it's a very personal decision, and comes of as a judgement on their gender identity. I don't mean to harp on you personally, Noah (I think it was Noah speaking?). It's obvious that you weren't trying to be offesnive. But this is a podcast dealing with issues of social justice, so I wanted to mention it. ETA: Here's a glossary of terms relating to being trans* if anyone is curious.
  12. LaurassicPark

    Episode 190 — You Know What I Mean?

    Here ya go. https://soundcloud.c...ottoms-plugtime Edit: I suggest you listen to his other song on there too. https://soundcloud.com/mordecaiwerewolf/luminaries I swear I'm not creeping, I just happened to hear his plugs theme over the weekend and liked it, so I kept poked around.
  13. LaurassicPark

    Joy to Plugs

    I made a Christmas-y Plugs theme just for the JOY of it. Happy holidays to all!