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  1. Isaac Kozell

    Episode 302 β€” Milkshake Movies

    George! This made my day.
  2. Isaac Kozell

    Episode 161 β€” Cults

    I am also a former Jehovah's Witness, born-in to the religion and very active/devout for many years. It was nice of Leslie to share her experience but she basically gave the Drunk History version of Jehovah's Witnesses. A couple of clarifications: - College is not banned outright but it is looked upon as an unwise, dangerous and "worldly" choice, one that a truly spiritual person would probably not make. - You can totes say totes. Maybe she was just joking about that. However, swearing, dirty jokes, gossip and angry speech are all no-no's. I feel like Leslie missed the chance to really address why Jehovah's Witnesses (and many other similar religions/sects) are technically a cult. Common thread characteristics of cults include Us-Vs-Them Mentality, Suppression of Questioning/Doubt, Behavioral Control by Leadership, Use of Shame and Guilt as Control Tactics, Isolation from Non-Member Friends and Family, Preoccupation with Recruiting New Members, Leadership Not Accountable to Any Authorities. With those criteria, the Catholic Church, Scientology, Mary Kay and Costco could all be considered cults. The commonly held definition of cult is heavy handed. I would call Jehovah's Witnesses a High Control Apocalyptic Christian Sect.
  3. Isaac Kozell

    Episode 162.5 β€” 1/10/14 TWO CHARTED 101

    "Just because you have a problem doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy the charts."
  4. Isaac Kozell

    Episode 127 β€” Luck

    Lara Schoenhals is my new favorite Lauren Lapkus character. Looking forward to following her on her journey.
  5. Isaac Kozell

    Show us your Squarespace site!

    Hi Gang, I work part-time for an apparel printing company in Pittsburgh. Before I joined the operation, they didn't really have a website to speak of. I heard about Squarespace from Who Charted and I4H and decided to give it a shot. Here's the site: www.clockwisetees.com The site is performing well for us and we have gotten tons of positive feedback so far. Thanks!
  6. Isaac Kozell

    Episode 140 β€” Scotty Boy, My Special Boy

    When Armen said, "Ching Chong," I could hear Howard saying, "Jesus, Armen!"
  7. Isaac Kozell

    Episode 134 β€” Sneak In Tips

    Solid, fast-paced episode. Great job, everyone! One of my favorite recurring Whooch tropes is when Kulap drops some raw sexy talk and Howard reacts with a swift, "Jesus." I am not a big fan of Macklemore but his Bonnaroo performance was worthy of respect.
  8. Isaac Kozell

    Episode 108 β€” Infinity

    I have a new favorite Kyle Dunnigan character.
  9. Isaac Kozell

    Episode 84 β€”Double or Nothing

    Bill and Ted from the gas station sound like excellent dudes.
  10. Isaac Kozell

    Episode 106 β€” Military

    At 33, I still don't know where I stand on war. That being said, smart, down-to-earth military people like Andrew give me more to consider in my attempt to figure it all out. So, thanks Andrew. Great episode!
  11. Isaac Kozell

    Episode 130 β€” Naked Oil Boy Fights

    This marks the second time I've downloaded a file called "Naked Oil Boy Fights." My wife was ok with this one.
  12. Isaac Kozell

    Episode 216 β€” Top of the Schaal To You!

    Scott seems pretty excited about Maron, May 3rd at 10/9C on IFC.
  13. Isaac Kozell

    Episode 78 β€” The A Crew

    "Read your Hawthorne, OLD MAN!" Damn, that was great.
  14. Isaac Kozell

    Episode 121.5 β€” 3/29/13 TWO CHARTED 60

    "Don't step on a good joke, Cody." Howard putting it down!
  15. Isaac Kozell

    Episode 117 β€” LIVE from SF Sketchfest 2013

    This is going to sound weird but sometimes I wish I could reconfigure my thought patterns to closer resemble Howard's.
  16. Isaac Kozell

    Episode 117 β€” LIVE from SF Sketchfest 2013

    I want to hang out with Howard.
  17. Isaac Kozell

    Episode 67 β€” Fish Hook

    Nice story Shakesbeard! I've said it before but Parham's male voices are the goddamn best.
  18. Isaac Kozell

    Episode 114 β€” Surfing Rainbows

    Power to him?
  19. I applaud the risks that I4H takes and I really enjoy the call-in segments. Most of the post-shooting episode did, for me, what Matt and the gang set out to do: Use comedy as a means to examine the various angles of a subject. But I, like the caller, didn't care much for the gun in the classroom sketch. It was a nice try, but I felt it missed the mark. Personally, I enjoy a good comedic metaphor when it comes to dealing with potentially sensitive subjects, especially those subjects that garner passionate feelings from both sides of the issue. Week after week, we hear the talented host and guests of I4H take a cue, use it to recall a story, and turn the themes found in the story into comedy gold. This is often done, not by taking the obvious route, but rather by doing something more clever with the themes and primers found in the story. So in the case of a disgusting and violent tragedy that involved school children being murdered by an armed gunman, I would have rather heard an improv sketch that addressed the issues surrounding the crime without using a school, children, and guns as recurring props in the bit. That just seems too easy. For me, it cheapened that particular sketch and muddied the more important underlying issues. Again, I love the show and I love what I4H is doing in terms of prompting meaningful dialogue. I also appreciate a lively forum where we can discuss this stuff. A hearty "Thank you!" to Matt and everyone at Earwolf.
  20. Isaac Kozell

    Episode 110 β€” Single Guy Vibe

    EMT Strains: Emergen(TH)C, The Star of Life, Maramedic IRA Strains: Early Retirement, Purple Rollover, Roth High-R-A
  21. Isaac Kozell

    84- Live in New York (w Ira Glass)

    Aaron's voice sounded great in that Peggy Skemp Jewelry commercial.
  22. Isaac Kozell

    Episode 108 β€” Jersey Brawls

    The Connivers may just be my favorite Howard story ever.
  23. You know who's a funny muthafucka? Iaaaan Roberts. Ian Roberts is a funny muthafucka.
  24. Isaac Kozell

    Episode 82 β€” Voice

    I would listen to a weekly Del LaRue podcast just to get more information about what snake oil can do for my debilitating case of Clink Arm.