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  1. Please do it. I just relistened to all of UTU2TM and I honestly think it's my favorite podcast of all time. I don't like U2. I am just endlessly entertained by the comedy stylings of Scott & Scott. I enjoy absurd comedy and sincere music criticism. Please just do whatever you can to bring this podcast back. REM, listening to every song on Sports, Harry Potter updates, whatever it takes. Thank you.
  2. micusficus

    EPISODE 123 - Lifeforce

    No big deal but they played another one of my themes and still haven't said my name.
  3. I've made a few HDTGM themes over the years, including one of the first ever 2nd opinions themes played on the show (the one that was mercilessly chopped and repeated under the current 2nd opinion theme which is infuriating but another point entirely). I also have a 2nd opinion theme featuring Dan Harmon's lovely crooning as well as a theme for corrections and omissions and one for Q&As that I dont think have ever been played. Just trying to gather support because I love these themes and think they are pretty good. https://soundcloud.com/mikey-knives/sets/hdtgm-submissions
  4. micusficus

    EPISODE 120 - Masters of the Universe

    Plugging all my old themes again. I actually made the one that is chopped and replayed ad infinitum under the theme they hated so much this episode. Ive made more that I've got a love for but the show has never played. CHECK EM OUT. https://soundcloud.com/mikey-knives/sets/hdtgm-submissions
  5. micusficus

    EPISODE 380 — A Colinary Journey

    Really really really enjoyed hearing the foam corner theme.
  6. Somebody was really hoping they'd be able to hear themselves laughing on the recording.
  7. https://soundcloud.com/mikey-knives/plugs-alot-like-heroin
  8. micusficus

    Episode 82 — Double Team

    You guys rocked my 2nd opinion theme again this week and to my knowledge I've never once been credited the 4 or 5 times you played it. Am I complaining? yes, in a way, but I come bearing another theme... https://soundcloud.com/mikey-knives/dan-harmon-i-know-the-theme-to Well I've posted it on the boards before but I forgot to make it downloadable... Or rather I forgot that soundcloud sets it to non-downloadable by default. But there it is. Another fantastic show this week. Keep up the good work.
  9. micusficus

    Episode 81 — Mortal Kombat

    Hey HDTGM, completely not apropos of the conversation going on... here's another 2nd opinions theme featuring Dan harmon. Keep the a capellas coming! https://soundcloud.com/mikey-knives/dan-harmon-i-know-the-theme-to
  10. micusficus

    Episode 72.5 — Minisode 72.5

    Double posting my theme here if it's more appropriate. Corrections & Omissions: Bring That Shit by Micus Ficus https://soundcloud.c...tions-omissions Download link
  11. micusficus

    Theme (Bring That Shit)

    So I wasn't going to submit a corrections & omissions theme because it seems like you guys have chosen to use my 2nd opinions theme on the reg (thank you very much for that) but I can't stand to listen to Paul beg for submissions so I gave it a go. It's not like I want to be the go-to-guy for Earwolf's theme song needs or anything (this is a lie. that is a thing I very much want.) Corrections & Omissions: Bring That Shit by Micus Ficus https://soundcloud.c...tions-omissions Download link
  12. micusficus

    Episode 69.5 — Minisode 69.5

    I'm a little bummed that they didn't play my theme. I thought I was the first to post one. https://soundcloud.com/mikey-knives/hdtgm-2nd-opinion
  13. I'm fairly certain I've heard that name and twitter handle regularly on Doug Loves Movies. He must submit categories for the Leonard Maltin game.
  14. Thanks! To my knowledge they never used it, but I sort of fell off listening to WC on the reg so I might have missed it. It seemed like there was a 5 minute window where Howard was cool with covers, but then I never really heard any after those few times.
  15. Second Opinion Theme by Jason Mantzoukas feat. MicusFicus (aka Michael Craft) https://soundcloud.com/mikey-knives/hdtgm-2nd-opinion Download Link: http://bit.ly/147WLpF