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  1. Everyone should listen to the episode of the Best Show on WFMU where Andy Zax ( the music geek from Beat the Geeks) tells maybe the worst hollywood nightmare story ever, so great, as was this episode of TFF.
  2. It was great to hear where Andy gets the background and inspiration for his characters, the rockettes discussion especially, because that shit is creepy
  3. Loved Gourley's reference to Timothy Dalton, "We were doing it!!!"
  4. I had no idea Shaye Saint John died, I loved his videos, especially Hand Thing
  5. Patrick L

    Episode 69 — what.

    Maybe Paul was in possession of "the object" and therefor really was channeling Satan
  6. Patrick L

    Episode 69 — what.

    Jake saying Paul Scheer had a normal childhood and normal parents, clearly someone hasn't listened to his episode of WTF, cause that shit was bonkers.
  7. Patrick L

    Episode 69 — what.

    I made the same mistake
  8. Patrick L

    Episode 69 — what.

    Newbridge is the fictional town in New Jersey that Jon Wurster's characters (for the most part) are from.
  9. I started by listening to episodes with guests that I like. The Patton, Paul F. Tompkins, Aimee Mann, Ted Leo, John Hodman episodes are always amazing. I'd say start with one featuring someone you like and go from there
  10. Just started listening to this episode, thank you for this Jake
  11. Patrick L

    Episode 150 — Warrior Pose

    Fair enough.
  12. Patrick L

    Episode 150 — Warrior Pose

    I love Paul Scheer, but that hat of his is goddamn disgusting.
  13. I absolutely love American Splendor, Judah is so good as Toby Radloff, and James Urbaniak is amazing as R. Crumb. Jake, seeing as you are on the East-Coast, can we be expecting an episode with Tom Scharpling, and if so could you bring up this
  14. Isn't he that porno actor
  15. How dare you tell him to skip over the Spike call, that was Spike at his finest/creepiest, before he became boring. Show Spike some respect.