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  1. Jeremy Newberger called into this weeks Best Show on WFMU to talk about Evocateur. They talk for about an hour and it is fascinating. I highly recommend listening to it.
  2. That piece on "The Canyons" is truly amazing.
  3. Patrick L

    Episode 63 β€” Fast & Furious 6

    Great podcast. Justin Lin also directed 3 episodes from the first season of Community, including the amazing paintball episode.
  4. You may have to record it from the dungeon, cause god knows that Spike won't come to you.
  5. " The Philadelphia Polo Mallets"
  6. And lets not forget, rather recently Jake Fogelnest himself called in.
  7. You should have tried Matthew Tompkins over at the Shout Network, He seems like a man who can get things done
  8. That was the first Best Show I ever listened to and now every Tuesday night for the last couple years is spent listening to WFMU.
  9. so excited to listen to this. Mike Sucks!
  10. Amazing episode! That clip of the Specials on SNL is the greatest single live performance of any band on television, simply perfect.
  11. That Carlin impersonator is the most upsetting thing ever. I need a cold shower.
  12. Patrick L

    Episode 214 β€” You Have To Take Action

    What is with Jen trying to give books to iconic English singers, first throwing The Stranger by Albert Camus at Robert Smith, and now this book about Oscar Wilde and Moz. I see a dangerous pattern emerging.
  13. The keyboardist of Dog Police looks like William H Macy's lesser brother.
  14. The thing that is totally fucked up about Uwe Boll challenging his critics to a fight is he is a trained boxer, so the critics who have taken him up on his offer get the shit beat out of them.
  15. Patrick L

    Episode 57.5 β€” Minisode 57.5

    YES, ever since this movie was discussed on The Best Show on WFMU a few months ago I was really hoping it would get the How Did This Get Maid treatment. Can't wait to hear it.
  16. I just saw the pictures, great shirt Jake
  17. I only know Tevin Campbell from Inspectah Deck's verse in Wu-Tang's "Protect Ya Neck." Who is he and what did he do, other than say goodbye.
  18. Patrick L

    Episode 114 β€” Surfing Rainbows

    This was certainly an abnormal episode of Who Charted? so I get the hate, but I really liked this episode (Though I will admit when I saw the guest was Steve-O, I said to nobody in particular "Oh, boy.") That being said I enjoyed Steve's stories, even though they were rather repetitive and dominating, and though I don't agree with everything Steve had to say, he is OK in my book, and this episode was a win.
  19. Agreed, If only he ended the performance with a gravely "Groovy." Also I was sad to hear the awesome Jen Kirkman is an Elvis Costello hater. Speaking of videos of awesomeness, Elvis Costello's video for "I Can't Stand Up for Falling Down" is delightfully insane. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEZrBw6mcSM
  20. Patrick L

    Episode 51.5 β€” Minisode 51.5

    Did anyone else think the character "Nick" looked like a busted John Hawkes?
  21. Patrick L

    Episode 51.5 β€” Minisode 51.5

    Having just finished this movie, I am enraged that the world didn't today, because it would have spared me from this garbage movie that consists of nothing but ludicrous plot twist after plot twist. Watching it, it felt like the writer had seen Pulp Fiction once, said "I want to write that" and then had been immediately hit in the head with a brick, and then began writing Reindeer Games
  22. Nice use of the word munch, and I hear that song Thor sang every Tuesday night. This was a great episode you dip.
  23. Patrick L

    Episode 107 β€” Rock Your Brody

    Howard sounded like Robert Evans in that square space add, minus the whole answering his own questions thing.
  24. Patrick L

    Episode 51 β€” Liz and Dick

    Also Bret Easton Ellis saying Lindsay Lohan "is in the canyons" is a plug for his own movie that he wrote staring Lohan.