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  1. unlicensedproductions

    EPISODE 336 — NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    This is going to be a tough listen. And yet not. Miss ya already, HW.
  2. unlicensedproductions

    Episode 93 — Staying Alive: LIVE!

    The Plot-your-own-adventure-stories version of Staying Alive. Tony Manero cherishes his dream of becoming a professional dancer on Broadway, working hard to get his big break in a world of tryouts and rejections. The reader may choose among multiple storylines. Only 8 Left.
  3. unlicensedproductions

    Episode 27 — The Wahlberg Solution

    Very cool. I hope they release more of these.
  4. unlicensedproductions

    Episode 85.5 — Minisode 85.5

    I think I might have the same recorder. Tascam DR-40? If so, you have one mic plugged into one XLR port, but stereo mode is on. If you hit the REC MODE button and change it to MONO instead of STEREO, the clicking will go away. FAQ SITE: http://tascam.com/product/dr-40/faqs/ Just a thought. Cody
  5. unlicensedproductions

    Episode 29 — LIVE from SXSW

    I've been walking around all day singing the chorus to 'Dog Police.' My friends now think that I'm mentally ill. Also, that video is going to give me a nightmare tonight. Guaranteed.