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  1. GarbageCan

    Episode 90 — Live at SF Sketchfest

    There's plenty of soundtrack to come in the Vancouver episode. And as a tease, i'll say it includes a pretty astounding rendition of a certain John Williams score.
  2. GarbageCan

    CBBTV Season 2 filming in February?

    Moving up from 10 episodes to 20 episodes. I guess Congraduations are in order.
  3. I like how specifically you remember that unusual phrasing.
  4. GarbageCan

    Episode 90 — Live at SF Sketchfest

    I will also be in the tenth row; letting the gang from the hatch know that I'm enjoying myself because I will be smiling. At least now I know to start thinking of questions for the show.
  5. Belcome boo Bombedy Bang Bang, Bime boor boast, Bott Baukerman
  6. This episode of CBB is brought to you by Lil Gary. Lil Gary: not for everyone
  7. GarbageCan

    Episode 199 — Garry Unmarried

    I can't get enough of these bonus episodes! Go fuck yourself CBB! (In a delight the grandkids kind of way) There's a STAT holiday on Monday, and I'm assuming its for the 200th episode of CBB.
  8. GarbageCan

    Episode 198 — Aren't You Glad

    I watched the VPN live last week so I didn't get tricked by Amy's impression (But I was instantly amazed at how spot on it was), but I did get tricked by her wig for the first 5 minutes. Props to Scott for pronouncing my name right, most Americans tend to pronounce it like the Kelsey Grammar (I'm struggling to make a Mike Detective reference in light of Neil Campbell's appearance) show. And in response kpols about the buffering; I agree it was fairly unwatchable; but I can back up Julia that they definitely sorted it out to the point that there was never any buffering after whatever fix they enacted. I'm so excited for the CBB Vancouver show!!! I'm hoping that since Reggie Watts is doing a show in the same venue the night before that he'll do the theme for CBB and then Scott will thank him and send him out the door.
  9. That podcast flew by. I'd also like to reiterate the question of either putting on an improv figure from outside the UCB, or just to discuss the relationship between the different camps/groups. I was in the SoCal area over the Christmas break and I was able to talk a few friends into driving to the UCB theatre, and it was such a great experience. I'm tempted to find a co-op job in the area just so I can spend a summer going to UCB shows all of the time.
  10. I wasn't able to make it to last week's, was it buffering that consistently? I'm going to pass until they archive this.
  11. GarbageCan

    Jeff Q&A

    When do you listen to podcasts? (Check all that apply) x Home x Work x Commuting x Exercising x Filling out this survey 8 times
  12. GarbageCan

    Episode 89 — Freedom

    It took a little while to find, but this has a good density of three 'Punky's' in a minute (Skip to 8:18): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBSTe7dmH1E&t=8m20s I always assumed that Swamp Rock was doing the Jazz note.
  13. GarbageCan

    Episode 197 — Please Claire-ify

    The video version was great. And it's just an excuse for me to re-listen to the episodes; although I'm going to have to tinker with the order. This is somewhat off-topic, but I figure that since Scott's hatred of Guy Fieri occasionally becomes prominent in CBB that I would share this GIF to back up Scott's claims that Guy is the most disgusting eater: http://twitpic.com/bz51oi
  14. GarbageCan

    Episode 9 — Going In Recons Blazing

    "Internal organs mortar and pestled by a horse cock" I'm content never seeing those mr. hands videos.
  15. GarbageCan

    Jeff Q&A

    Who did the opening animation for the CBB on the VPN?
  16. GarbageCan

    Episode 5 — Analyze Fish

    The tweet doesn't really seem sarcastic, but i'm basing it on the context of the setup of the show; as an imitation of analyze phish. The episode ends with PFT saying: "When we return in our next episode, we will all have watched the movie Jaws; and we're going to talk about it as a family".
  17. GarbageCan

    Episode 196 — A Different Huelliverse

    I'm really glad that James was able to record that message at the end and impart the real respect he had for Huell for the listeners that hadn't had a chance to read his piece: http://blogs.laweekly.com/arts/2013/01/huell_howser_tribute.php As a foreigner to California, my first exposure to Huell Howser was through Loveline but it wasn't really until his first appearance on CDR that I really took the time to find out more about him. And as funny as he is on this show and when you see clips from California Gold, when you really take the time to watch his shows and see him in all his curious glory; any mocking laughter melts away. His child-like innocence as an observer of the world was contagious. His incredibly sincere passion for all things California was truly a part of California's Gold. I have a lot of joy and laughter to thank Huell for; perhaps none greater than for inspiring an absolute gem of a post credits scene in the 2011 Winnie the Pooh movie that had me crying of laughter (In part, from it being such a ridiculous surprise). Naturally, I also share a similar debt to James for an incredibly accurate impression, respect for the man, and hilarious marine backstory. 67 is far too few years to manage to find all of California's Gold; but it is comforting to know that he will continue to speak to us through the projections of Scott's mind (If a little gruffer than we remember).
  18. I can't believe the rapport those two have after a week of knowing each other; it really made for a strong sophomore showing. And I'm beginning to feel the weight of the statement "You really need to watch..." rearing its ugly head again, now in the form of Girls.
  19. GarbageCan

    Episode 5 — Analyze Fish

    Really? I get the impression from Dan's post that he was just simply asking if we're going to get the post watched jaws episode, to which PFT responded sarcastically.
  20. GarbageCan

    Jeff Q&A

    "The patent in question, which was issued last year, is for a 'system for disseminating media content representing episodes in a serialized sequence,'" Man reading legal documents is the absolute worst. http://www.freepatentsonline.com/8112504.html
  21. GarbageCan

    Episode 195 — Making the Snow Angel

    Scott packed in that Rihanna cover about 20 bars too soon. Does Matt Besser have multiple improv cards or has he managed to reclaim it since ep. 146?
  22. GarbageCan

    CBBTV Season 2 filming in February?

    Nice find.
  23. GarbageCan

    Episode 5 — Analyze Fish

    ...Yikes I tried putting their eyes closer to a sharks, but it was completely impossible to make out any semblance of their faces. Even this is hard to tell.
  24. GarbageCan

    Episode 5 — Analyze Fish

    Wow, Phish's Sprach Zarathustra is just brutal; but that was a really good mashup. Well done If you look at the Jaws poster, you can see it doesn't quite lend itself to photoshopping faces as well as the analyze this poster. Fitting someone's head onto a shark's would be a pretty grotesque result. Which makes me curious...
  25. GarbageCan

    Earwolf Fanart by me

    Jason Mantzoukas has a shirt that is not white!?