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  1. BONUS MATERIAL is a great idea. Makes Thursday mornings seem not as far away each week. Also, I'd like to just comment on how genius it was for Besser to mirror Andy Daly's "What? What? What? What? What?" a minute later with "Now, what? Hey now. What? Hey now. What?" This was a lineup of pros. Thanks for another great episode.
  2. Started slow but ended AWESOME.
  3. I hope Besser records a bunch of I4Hs before touring his movie for the month of May. I don't know if I can go without the podcast for a month.
  4. banjoteeth

    Episode 19 — Twirly Burrito

    Obviously Horatio and Besser always deliver. I'd never heard of the other two dudes, but they were fantastic! Great timing, and each had something a little unique. Great fucking episode for sure!!
  5. Friday rolls around, time to check if Earwolf has finally gotten around to giving Gelmania the Friday podcast floor back. NOPE! Instead it's a bonus episode of the best comedy podcast available! Thanks Matt + crew. Also, I don't follow football but godammit Besser has a lot of pain in his voice over the Tebow situation. Dude sounded like he might've legitimately lost his shit.
  6. banjoteeth

    Episode 150 — Time Bobby

    Andrew Lloyd Weber has yet to let down CBB, in all of his appearances. Consistently genius! Great episode!
  7. banjoteeth

    Episode 147 — Raisin Norman Bates

    "speaking of south by southwest, i'd like to introduce our first south by southguest." amidst aukerman's constant onslaught of puns, this was by far the one that made me laugh the most (or at all). also, ice-t is always a treat. the degree to which he respects richard belzer is hilarious. and how he ALWAYS makes sure those he's talking to know that SVU stands for (in a very tough-sounding voice, with a lisp) "special victims unit."
  8. Great! New Man on the Street feature is incredible!
  9. banjoteeth

    Episode 14 — Pubes on 3!

    Box and One, Punting on 3rd a.k.a. Quick Kick, Student Body Right, The Last Boy Scout, Sawing the Ball in Half, Antietum... every quarterback's dream playbook.
  10. banjoteeth

    Episode 6 — Gelmania VI

    Unsettling stuff.
  11. Hilarious show. What had me laughing the hardest, though, was Gelman's story about trick-or-treating at Michael Jordan's house, "in black hoodies." Ridiculous. Will McLaughlin's voice sounds almost identical to Adam McKay's. Speaking of, Besser needs call his old buddy McKay, get him to stop making films for an hour, and swing by for an episode. Briefly get back on that long-form saddle. Keep it going, boys!
  12. banjoteeth

    Episode 8 — Analyze Phish Episode 4

    Before listening to the first episode of this podcast, it seemed like a silly idea that might not go anywhere. Thanks for proving that notion wrong. Over and over again. Adam Scott's addition was great. I like the idea of outsiders trying to convince Scott that Phish makes listenable music. Thanks for making 93 minutes go by at work with a breeze. This was hilarious!
  13. banjoteeth

    Episode 142 — Popcorn.com

    Adomian can be a funny dude, but he needed to back off a little. Tim & Eric riffing for the first 25 minutes had me in stitches, then after 15 minutes of Adomian my ears couldn't take it. James Adomian is solid, don't get me wrong, but he's much better when the main guest is less of a Tim & Eric-caliber act.
  14. banjoteeth

    Episode 5 — Gelmania V

    What a mess. What a beautiful mess.
  15. banjoteeth

    Episode 11 — Mars Hopping

    Great job this week! It really sounded like you all had a blast recording it, which made for an entertaining listen. Also, the "Welcome to the scat deck..." scene was an immediate classic when Conroy skee-bopped his way to a drink order.
  16. banjoteeth

    Episode 10 — Man with a Can

    matt besser & co., you've done it again! btw, i did a legit spit-take when the Irish setter got a second thumb inserted and went from a dog's slight groan to an almost happy sounding bark. andy daly owes me a keyboard and some new underpants.
  17. banjoteeth

    Episode 140 — Ron Swanson Off

    Great great interview.
  18. banjoteeth

    Episode 139 — Win a Farmhouse

    Great episode this week. As usual. Congrats on the CBB TV show! For those of us Zeke McChuckles who have bypassed a television for the internet, we're very much hoping episodes will be available on laptop screens, too! p.s. when I originally tuned in to the podcast a year ago, I thought it was called Comedy Gang Bang. Needless to say I didn't get what I came for. Still, I listen weekly. Hoping.
  19. banjoteeth

    Episode 58 — Critter Sandusky

    Brett Gelman has Earwolf in the palm of his hands right now.
  20. banjoteeth

    Episode 8 — Goon Fight

    hilarious as always! it was also funny to hear how many times brett played a character named brett.
  21. banjoteeth

    Episode 138 — Ghost Protocol

    Werner Herzog! Always great when PFT's characters show up. Speaking of, it's been a while since we've gotten updates from the set of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Then again, according to Ice-T, the show never is on hiatus.
  22. banjoteeth

    Episode 4 — Gelmania IV

    Anything BG touches is hot. And completely insane.