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  1. funnyfist

    Episode 195.5 — Sklarbro County 100

    I always love to hear some Garry Marshall! Too bad Marky couldn't have been in Pretty Woman. That would've been excellent. Also, I'm a Portlander, and almost no one thinks that they should dump the water from that reservoir, but they're dumping it...Keep Portland Weird I guess.
  2. funnyfist

    Episode 8 — Pop

    I think this is it: It's Edge and Bono with Eno, which would be The Passengers. I didn't really think this was the greatest version of One. Good episode though. I have always liked Pop (and pooping), so to finally get a chance to hear someone talking about both 2 me, was pretty special. I think if not for Miami and Playboy Mansion, Pop would be phenomenal. It's still one of their best IMO.
  3. funnyfist

    Episode 280 — DuALity

    Oh man, holy shitstains! The Diff'rent Strokes theme song singalong was phenomenal! Great show fellas.
  4. Achtung Baby was always my favorite U2 album. Brings back some great memories, hearing Adam Scott Aukerman not talking about Achtung Baby 2 Me. U2 put the semen in seminal!
  5. funnyfist

    Episode 172.5 — 3/21/14 TWO CHARTED 111

    Good vibes to Kulap. I'm excited for this doc.
  6. funnyfist

    Episode 146 — Anxiety

    Man, this was a really good episode! Anxiety can be rough. You gotta be ok with it and not feed into it and not fight it. Creating things helps too. It's cool to hear people laughing about their hangups.
  7. It's nice to hear Andy talk about the inspiration behind some of his characters. Also, I'd like to hear that Monkees podcast. Can You Dig it?
  8. The moment I have been waiting for, Don DiMello! Just started listening to this, but I can't believe the amazing star-studded lineup. A little something for Daddy!
  9. funnyfist

    Episode 274 — Oh, Golly!

    Oh man! Andy Daly is the best. I feel bad for Cactus Tony in the filthy wheelchair. Golly kinda reminds me of another ventriloquist dummy named Conky, except a lot more sinister.
  10. funnyfist

    Episode 187 — Black Panini

    Good epi! That Canadian accent the brothers did was spot on. I felt like I was watching Trailer Park Boys or something. There's nothing better than geeking out on sports and getting my comedy podcast fix simultaneously.
  11. funnyfist

    Episode 168.5 — 2/21/14 TWO CHARTED 107

    Man, the more I listen to this show, the more I like it. Kulap and Howie make such a good combo. I gotta say, Sandra Bullock's a'ight, but she's not all that. Now, meeting Pharell, that would be pretty amazing!
  12. Another great episode! James Adomian was great. Spyryt rocked my ass off too. I feel like I could take on the world after that workout. Phew!
  13. Tip was a really funny character. I also enjoyed Chip's Chips, Tip's Chips, Tip's Tips, and Chip's Tips. This show is really excellent! Andy Daly is unstoppable right now.
  14. Oh my Golly! This made my stool soft. I don't usually comment on the boards, but I couldn't not do so. This episode is definitely one of the funniest ever. I thought the original Comedy Death Ray epi with Dalton Wilcox was phenomenal, but I think this was actually better. How can Andy Daly possibly top this? He's set the bar so high on his 1st episode! Don Dimelo, that's how.
  15. funnyfist

    Episode 138 — Ghost Protocol

    I love me some Werner Herzog. What a silly German! Andy Richter's a silly German too.