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    One for the Money (2012)

    Oh man, she just met up w/ a couple caricatures of Black women dressed like they were respectively from the 90s SaltnPeppa era and some sort of 70s era blaxploitation character. Jesus, that's followed by a scene where a dude starts roughing up Heigl in The Octagon. Bananas. Please, for the love of all that is holy, do this movie.
  2. thechop66

    One for the Money (2012)

    Holy S%*t. My GF's roomate is watching this horrendous traincrash of a movie. I'm sitting here doing work and I literally just yelled out "What. The. F$%k. Is wrong with this movie????". Katherine Heigl doing a stupendously bad Jersey accent and being a bounty hunter (I think). Dunno, I'm not actually watching it, but (as Jason would say) it is BANANAS how bad this movie is.
  3. Saw it. Enjoyed it. I liked how during the Snakes/ Planes segment they split the Brothers up and had them go off with their own "expert". I enjoyed the brothers together, of course, I just thought it was good to see each of them showcase their ability to work individually as well.
  4. thechop66

    Guests you want to see on Sklarbro Country

    Young Twitterian and Comedienne Shelby Fero. I heard her with Pete Holmes the other week on his 'cast and she was great. We get to hear a lot of established comedians in the Country (which is a great) but it would be cool to hear the perspective of a true up and comer (she's 18!). She has a really neat voice (very old soul) and I think could be a good addition to the Calming Shores. If you don't follow her on Twitter, you should and you should also catch the You Made It Weird episode with her.
  5. thechop66

    Episode 93 β€” Maggot Stampede

    Man, the energy on this one was great! I love the show and the format, but it's nice every once in a while to get things shaken up a bit. Between Chelsea jumping in on the first segment and bringing in John at the end there, there was a nice, loose, vibe to this one. Very cool. Also, for those who don't know already, the songs from this (and every previous episode) are up and running at the music blog. Link is my signature line below. Enjoy!
  6. For some reason, this thread died after little momentum. i know there's too many people on here who like music for that to happen... I'm going to go ahead and suggest the Sklar Broquendos play a little Audra Mae and The Almighty Sound. They just dropped their first full length. The song "Ne'er do Wells" sounds perfect to be a segment opener on The Country. Let's get some more suggestions on here yeah?
  7. thechop66

    Episode 83 β€” Living On A Edge

    Sorry, Jeff. I was on a bender with Brad Marchand. Been chugging water ketchup to sober up.
  8. thechop66

    Episode 80 β€” Ms. Sklarbro Int’l

    Great Episode. I always like when guests have a connection with sports. I think that's where you guys really shine. And I really dug the discussion of the rationale behind Key's new show. While I agree that the clips I've seen are funny as hell, it was great to get the backstory on it. @Jenny - I just put up the episode's songs over on the music blog and there is a link to Hot Karate's bandcamp. The song does indeed have lyrics (they come in about 1:30). Check it out....
  9. thechop66

    Gary Thorne with PBA Bowling?

    Not sure the brothers would want to make the death of the St. Louis Blues a calling card of their show... When it comes to hockey announcers, I'm partial to the ridiculous. Thus, I'll always love Pens announcer Mike Lange. His "Lord Stanley, Lord Stanley Get Me The Brandy" is so great. Though if we're going for inspirational, I think his call of Lemieux's last home goal in 97 takes the cake: But on the ridiculous end of the spectrum, I thoroughly enjoy Randy Moller, the Florida Panthers play-by-play guy, who screams pop culture references: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3b_7S-sGBo I like to think there's an AHL announcer out there that also incorporates numerous culture references, ony being in the AHL, he can't get licensing rights for the big time films and music so he's forced to pull from obscure foreign films and indie rock.
  10. thechop66

    New Music Blog!

    IT'S DONE!!! All the music from Ep. 1-78are now up. You can search by episode or band name. It will be updated after each new episode so subscribe to the feed or check back regularly. Thanks to Jenny for helping out on a few of the songs that I just couldn't get. Spread the word and enjoy! Henderson!
  11. thechop66

    New Music Blog!

    Haha @Jenny, my nickname is indeed Chop and my friend made that connection when we saw them in Chicago.
  12. thechop66

    New Music Blog!

    Hey All, If you haven't been made aware, I started a blog over at sklarbrohenderson.blogspot.com that will list all the music the Brothers Sklar play on the podcast, along with links. It's listed by episode, which I think will be helpful. You will also be able to search by artist. I currently have Ep. 1-16 up there so check it out. I'll be updating weekly once I'm all caught up on the backlog, so you can subscribe to see new posts. Anyone have preferences for youtube vs. myspace music links? Alex