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  1. You guys an CDR got me into this whole podcast mess years ago. It inspired many subsequent trips to comedy shows in ATX including a HK/Dragonboy show at Cap City. Howard generously gave me a Wolves Tee after the show in the parking lot as I drunkenly gushed about Who Charted. Cheers to both and here is to 100 more! XXOO Pliny ATX
  2. Funny stuff gents. You give a heart for the heartless. Cheers!
  3. Pliny

    Episode — Love, Dad

    Oddly enough, having a kid makes you gay..... in the best way!
  4. Pliny

    Episode 7 — Gelmania VII

    Bout fugg'in time Gelberg!!
  5. TaterScott and CBBroholios, Long time listener, first time comment-er. Super glad to hear that you are doing a badge free show at SXSW this year. I went to the IFC shows last year which were rad, mostly because the free 18yo Macallan and Brooklyn lager made the odd fishbowl-of-a-space forgivable. Anywho, what I have always enjoyed about your show over the years is the unprecidented access to a weekly dose of semi-scripted hilarity. Your brand of 'real time' comedy allows us fans to feel like we're all just a bunch of bro's! I realize the bigger you guys get, the harder it is going to be maintain that access, especially at a venues like SXSW. Being an industry event, I get you have to do Badge only shows but understand you have a huge amount of non-industry fans here that don't buy badges. There is so much free shizz, locals just typically don't. That said, give us loyal local listeners a heads up for show! I'll RSVP the shit that announcement!! Thanks for the funny, Pliny
  6. Pliny

    Episode 60 — Dale! Dale! Dale!

    Who has 2 thumbs and let one loose to Kulap in a tight tee?............
  7. Pliny

    Episode 5 — Gelmania V

    The revolution will be ........ in toungues