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    Tango and Cash

    I don't know how you can do Sylvester Stallone movies and not cover Tango and Cash. Stallone and Kurt Russell got drunk one night and decided this movie would be fun to make. How was this allowed to happen? I love this movie, but holy crap, is it bad! I'd love you guys to do it. Also, Please come to Chicago! Luke
  2. Hey Guys, I think you should just make the "how much money do you think this made?" part of the show permanent. I can't help but ask that of every movie you gus do and sometimes you don't mention it. Also, the best segment you currently have is "A Second Opinion", keep that one up. Thanks!
  3. How is it possible that, to this date, not one Uwe Boll film been examined? I think every single one of his movies have caused a tremendous amount of controversy based solely on how bad they are. My personal favorite is "Alone in the Dark" featuring the "clawing for career resurrection" Christian Slater, and the beautiful yet "hasn't fallen off the rocker yet" Tara Reid. Please, for the love of god, tell me how this movie was allowed to happen!