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  1. tsemings

    Episode 95 — I Pet A Tiger!

    The Weakerthans are the best. Great shirt, Matt.
  2. This was the best. Lennon's character doing the mix-ins has me crying so hard.
  3. tsemings

    Episode 129 — Stool Pushing!

    Great episode, Tig is my fave.
  4. tsemings

    Episode 129 — Stool Pushing!

    Holy crap, Jenny Lewis DOES look exactly like Heather Lawless!
  5. tsemings

    Episode 80 - Proop Doggy Dog

    Hey guys! You were asking about some modern surfy summah music, so I thought I'd plug my bud's band. They're called Mrs. Magician, and they lay down some delicious San Diego fuzz. http://mrsmagician1.bandcamp.com/ Check 'em out!
  6. tsemings

    Episode 48 — Astrobiology

    Oh my god, this was so good. What's up.
  7. tsemings

    Episode 144 — Clones and Oliver Stones

    You guys had me at the "fighting over who gets to hold the gravy" bit.
  8. tsemings

    Episode 41 — Magic

    I echo what Alec said. Good one guys, and girl.
  9. tsemings

    Episode 35 — Oceans

    Thanks Broccoli!
  10. tsemings

    Episode 39 — Free For All: NTK

    This episode is my favorite thing.
  11. tsemings

    Episode 35 — Oceans

    I'm a Mechanical Engineer. I work in Oceanography, designing stuff that goes into the ocean. Sorry for not knowing much about the processes of the ocean and its Biology and Chemistry. Punked indeed. I still had a great time and think this is the best podcast around.