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  1. Only Lapkus and Middleditch could go from a simple bit about Kid Detectives whose father commited the crime they're trying to solve to two mutant children raised in a lab who's father is Captain Planet, that are sodomised by a giant living sunglasses emoji.


    Grepisode - Definite Best of Material

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  2. First up, I'm excited to finally give back and pay for my Earwolf content, and I'm super excited for the miniseries and comedy albums.


    That being said, I started listening to Comedy Bang Bang from an episode that was over a year old, because it had guests I knew. When I started on HDTGM, I started with the first episode (that was also older than 6 months). The same can be said for I4H, Who Charted, and even the Apple Sisters. I'm worried this paywall is really going to discourage new listeners for Earwolf shows, I never would have heard any of the shows had it been up and I know everyone I've recommend the shows too has done similar things.


    I'm just curious why you opted for a paywall rather than, say, when you added Pepsi next ads to the beginning of older episodes in the archive?

  3. I just had the weirdest experience. I was getting my Learners drivers license and the lady at the counter was a U2 super fan and friend of the band. I casually brought up U2 (due to her earrings, lanyard, watch and bracelet) and HOLY SHIT. She has Larry Mullen's email address and they email sometimes, she has several leaked songs from Songs of Ascent (Their unconfirmed 3rd album, definitely confirmed now) that Larry emailed her, she also has Larry's drumsticks he used on Zooropa, Bono has given her a personal tour of the studio in which they recorded Unforgettable Fire, and just oh my god. I have nobody but y'all to tell the story too. I recommended UTU2TM in the hopes she'd tell Larry about it, and we'd finally get some U2 boys on the show!

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  4. God dammit I love Jon Daly and Tim Heidecker...


    Also, maybe it's just me, but for me, I've absolutely loved the last three episodes we've had (including this one), particularly the Halloween episode.


    Everyone has been on the absolute ball, sure Suicide house would have been good too, but what we got was incredible!

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