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  1. Phenomenal episode. As an improvisor who is far from a central area where "big" improv is being done or one of the major schools offers support, these sorts of lectures and discussions are just...well, it would be difficult to put a value on it. My team trains with the UCB book and the UCB shows (podcasts) are our major source of listening/participating in shows. Again - as a resource it is hard to put a value on this for us. Ian's explanation and exploration of "rules/methods" was brilliantly balanced and deftly delivered - especially considering his deep passion and personal connection to the material. His honesty, his evidence and his willingness to explore possible other options truly strengthened an already compelling argument. My hope is that I4H listeners can have even more access to talks of this kind. For those of us who dream (but find it increasingly difficult) to find the time to travel to a big city and train - these lectures/discussions are a true connection to the greater improv world. Thanks for posting and thanks to Ian for his skill in presentation.
  2. Have enjoyed this season of the Andy Daly PPPPPPPPP so much. Please let us know - can we expect future seasons?!?
  3. Hurray for the return of Danielle Schneider!!!
  4. johnnycanuck21

    Now You See Me (2013)

    Spoiler How about that "amazing" car chase on the bridge where they destroy a corpse, threaten hundreds of innocent drivers, commandeer a bus and almost blow up the secret "5th horseman" ?!?! Since when did magicians become such gigantic dickweeds? Also - is it not mandatory with big showy magic films that someone has a magic trick that is 20+ years old and hidden from everyone? Prestige...illusionist...there's gotta be more...
  5. johnnycanuck21

    Now You See Me (2013)

    Whoops sorry - I did a search for the movie and nothing came up. Still - enjoyed seanotrons take on it. Glad to know I'm not insane. Also 48 hrs later, I still really want to punch Jessie Eisenberg - hard.
  6. johnnycanuck21

    American Hustle (2013)

    American Hustle (sold in the trailers as a big character, big con movie) was so incredibly disappointing. Everyone should have had there "Nominate Me!" signs around their necks while performing in this one. Really surprised critics enjoyed this as much as the reviews seem to indicate.
  7. johnnycanuck21

    Now You See Me (2013)

    I am hoping the team will consider dedicating a show to the magical smugfest / blockbuster wannabe from the summer of 2013 - Now You See Me. i remember seeing the trailer for this and thinking that it couldnt possibly be that bad, well it was, oh boy - was it ever. Quite possibly the most complicated/convoluted and outright stupid magic/con trick in movie history where once again we see a pack of "crazy" personalities risk endless innocent lives in the pursuit of their own fame. Jessie Eisenberg's character in this film may very well be the single smuggest character in any film ever - how people in that world would not just constantly be beating the crud out of him is beyond me. The things this movie asks you to believe are awesome. The amount of things that need to happen for these "magic tricks" to work is insane. And its all wrapped up in a team of lovable scamps who are all constantly performing magic tricks on one another with wry sarcastic attitudes - what a delight! This is a film that brings Michel Caine back to JAws 4 levels of bad, makes Morgan Freeman look subpar, and even gets the best of the endlessly liable Mark Ruffalo. This thing was a mess and I hope you decide to have a look at it - and then wash your eyes with vinegar.
  8. johnnycanuck21

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    Wow...just wow.
  9. johnnycanuck21

    G.I. Joe: Retaliation

    I love how in movies like this when a team of soldiers is about to land for a mission they only seem to go over the mission plan in that same minute before they land. Taking back nukes? Just wait until we land and ill tell you everything, but in the meantime walk around the plane and do the chic-chic reloading thing to your guns repeatedly. Also hilarious that the brilliant plan to take back nukes seems to be "drop into room, fire bullets everywhere". Biggest difference between this and Rise of Cobra seemed to be that the RoC played up the fantasy elements - this one wanted to be so serious and just ended up stupid. One particularly awesome shot was Cobra Commander leaving the nuclear talks doing some sort of fashion model walk. Wow this movie was awful.
  10. johnnycanuck21

    G.I. Joe: Retaliation

    Loved the whole "you have to accept your next command" line. I loved the idea that the president is such an outright dick - allowing snake themed military groups to head American special forces (an putting their flags on everything) and launching nukes...because... This movie could have been stupid fun - but it tried to take itself so seriously which made it just stupid. What happened to the Joe base in the desert? Are those 30 joes the only military in the states? This movie is garbage.
  11. johnnycanuck21

    G.I. Joe: Retaliation

    Double disagree! While a ninja mountain fight is a great fun idea - having some sense of why anyone is doing anything might be nice as an add on. Maybe the terribly cast and acted blind ninja master could Have helped with this - but nope - who knows what te heck he was talking about. those ninjas are so dewply wrapped in amwrican politics. This movie was devastatingly bad.
  12. johnnycanuck21

    G.I. Joe: Retaliation

    A movie that makes you long for the sensibilities of a Battleship or a Transformers DSotM. This movie was horrific - in fact it made the first GIJoe look much better by comparison. Who would have ever thought you would wish for a Wayans to be in the movie. Nonsense Plot, terrible dialogue, ridiculous characters, action that brutalizes your senses - this movie has it all...all that is terrible. I nominate the prison scene as perhaps te worst scene to ever appear in a big budget movie. Batman and Robin is a treat compared to this mess.
  13. johnnycanuck21


    Having just seen Lockdown by Luc Besson and starring Guy Ritchie - it is hard to think of how this couldn't be an ideal HDTGM selection. From Ritchie's delightful over the top performance, to the sheer mundanity on the space adventure experience, to the 1980's Hill Street Blues cops who work on the Low Orbit Police Force, to the space prison fortress which is easier to escape from than a wet paper sack, to the fact that two characters (spoiler!) jump from a space station in orbit and parachute into a major US city - this movie has it all. I must be listening to the show too much because as I watched and laughed my way through the film, I could hear Jason M.'s voice in my head screaming "WHY!!!!" at the screen. As a big fan - I hope you will give this one consideration. I think you will love to loathe this movie.