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  1. This episode raised Zach Woods to my list of favorite guests.
  2. Luchalma

    Episode 104 — A Hotel Tell

    Knowing about that documentary has made my life measurably worse. I'm angry. Not enough to really do anything, but enough to ruin my day. A very funny episode still.
  3. Luchalma

    Generation Gaps

    I'm a daily reader of Cracked, and a podcast seems like a no brainer. This first episode was really good. My only issues were that most of the interesting facts were things I'd already seen on Cracked (a minor issue, as it's still interesting to hear it discussed), the music is a little intrusive at times, and not enough Seanbaby.
  4. On the topic of the episode itself, I think this was my favorite Case Closed segment to date (althought the cyborg one was pretty good...) and Stephanie is climbing my list of favorites.
  5. Fair enough. Don't get jaded with the forums though. Your willingness to interact with your listeners is another reason I4H is the greatest podcast in the universe.
  6. Matt I think you were a little short with Astates. I can understand taking umbrage with someone saying they don't care about your opinion, but I don't believe he meant it to be as insulting as it sounded. There's some folks out there, like myself, who consider you one of the funniest people in the world. It's very likely I'll never make it anywhere to see you live (though I was an extra on the movie Year One for a day, and the surprise of seeing you on set was the only time I've ever been starstruck lol). This podcast is the only "Besser fix" I get, so to speak. So when sometimes there's long streches of unfunny material, it can be a bummer. It's not that these issues aren't worth being discussed, only that I'd like it more if there was a Case Closed podcast, where I could listen to it knowing exactly what I'm getting into. The segments do lead to some fantastic material though, so I don't wknow what I think.
  7. If I'm being honest, I'll skip the segments where I know it's going to be more serious, and even entire episodes. I don't think Matt should stop what he's doing, he's clearly very passionate about these things and this gives him a platform to speak his mind. I just always find it very awkward to listen to, and it's not the podcast I signed up for so to speak. I4H is still the best podcast in the universe, so congrats to Matt for reaching his new year's resolution.
  8. This is my favorite podcast and I've introduced quite a few people to it. It has stuck with some, but a few have been turned off by Matt's political and religious rants. These people aren't even particularly religious or conservative, but I guess there will always be those "stick to the jokes" people that they talked about in the Adam McKay episode.