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  1. Wien

    Episode 203.5 - Minisode 203.5

    Man, fuck this movie. Never have I wanted to hurt a character in a movie more than I did with Mellisa Joan Hart. I just wanted Mario Lopez to beat the crap out of her, and then when she started acting like a jealous brat and somehow THAT segues into their blossoming relationship?? Fuuuuck you movie, that contemptible character's cadaver should be shoveled off by the side of the road by act 3. Also, looking at Mario Lopez, if you had told me that the movie was shot at the same time as Saved By The Bell, I would have believed it. If you told me it was shot last week, I would have believed it. Dude is a vampire.
  2. Wien

    Is HDTGM just doing live episodes now?

    Depending on the movie and the guests, I can go either way. Some are better live, some are better in studio. But you can't fault them for wanting to charge 35 bucks a pop and fill out a massive theater like the Paramount in Austin. That Bonobos money can only go so far.
  3. Does Sky Captain take place in the Godzilla cinematic universe?
  4. Wien

    Episode 185.5 - Minisode 185.5

  5. Wien

    Episode 185 - Adore

    That's the sequel
  6. Wien

    Episode 184.5 - Minisode 184.5

    I watched Monster Trucks. Its not anywhere near as wacky as it seems, its really just super boring and not worth the watch.
  7. Wien

    Episode 184.5 - Minisode 184.5

    The one real problem I had with this movie (and maybe this makes me racist) is I couldn't tell any of the white people apart. I would be watching a scene between two of them and think "Oh mom and son are having a moment", and then they'd start banging and be like "Oh! They aren't mom and son at all!". I always forgot who was whose kid. Which I guess doesn't really matter since they all seem to live together and hang around one another 24/7 anyway. And after that crazy two year time jump there is no way you're convincing me there wasn't any 4 way gang bangs going on at that beach house during that time. Naomi Watts and Robin Wright try their damndest to sell it, but the two dudes.... especially with the hokey setup in the first act. If the title card came up and instead of saying "Adore" it said "Cinemax presents Taboo Fantasies 5", i would have thought nothing of it.
  8. Wien

    Episode 184.5 - Minisode 184.5

    I just watched that the other night, its on HBO Go. I gotta say... its largely boring in an unrealistic, ham fisted "Jack Frost" kind of way until about an hour and 10 mins in, then it gets CRAZY. It seems like Colin Trevorrow is in director jail as a result, but I'm not really sure that's fair for him given what he had to work with script wise.
  9. Wien

    Episode 183.5 - Minisode 183.5

    I hope Jessica St Clair is the guest, she needs to be the resident dystopian movie guest.
  10. Have they announced the movie they are doing for this show yet?
  11. Wien

    Episode 130 - Teen Witch

  12. Wien

    Episode 135.5 - Minisode 135.5

    Hell Comes to Frogtown... I am so happy about this one!