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  1. Wien

    Episode 29 — Trespass

    NO!!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!!!!!!
  2. The Game Plan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9EaKjvNrkA
  3. Doom http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKLUtrXsXhU
  4. Wien

    Episode 29 — Trespass

    One thing I want to point out about this movie that wasn't mentioned in the podcast.... this movie starts off with like, 50 guys ramsacking their way into a mansion with guns. Lots of big guns, loaded for a fucking war with Ubeki-beki-bek-stan-stan. But for some reason, they NEVER fire their fucking guns. There are like 7 scenes in the first 30 mins or so where the bandits force their guns into Nicole Kidman's head or in Nic Cage's face shouting "Im gunna do it!!! I'm gunna do it!!!" and then doing nothing. It takes like half the damn movie before SOMEONE shoots a gun, and they shot Nic Cage in the leg. Soooo drawn out, the artificial tension bled itself out after the second "I'm gunna kill you!" scene.... at that point, I WANTED someone to get shot.
  5. Wien

    So, did you watch Trespass? Cause I did!

    This is 2 movies. The first movie is about Nick Cage being some sort of badass diamond dealer or something, and he gets held hostage by bandits and tries to talk his way out of it. The second movie is some weird ass story about a bunch of meth heads trying to pull off a poorly written Oceans 11 heist at the behest of some mystery man, and is interwoven with a bunch of character development of the bad guys that nobody cares about, and weird flashback scenes in all white like we are watching Enya videos peppered in throught a gritty crime movie. Nevermind that everything the movie alludes to turns out to be false, and the movie has no real ending. Its no wonder Nic Cage wanted to switch roles midway through the movie. In the first half he's unhinged and mechanical in his thoughts as he tries to out mind duel the bandits.... but in the second half he is horrendously emasculated and is reduced to a sniveling, whimpering salaryman (who is an unemployed failed father/husband that can't provide and makes up some nonsensically outrageous lies to hide his inadequacy from his family) while the wife and daughter take on bigger roles. Yeah, I woulda asked for a role change, too. I wonder if he accepted this job without reading the script, and then got to that scene on the day of the shoot and was like "Oh man, THIS is what happens to my guy??? Thats not cool at all..."
  6. Birdemic is 1 hour and 35 mins long, but it felt like I've been watching it for weeks. It is the textbook definition of a waste of time. Its a movie about driving and staring at store fronts for about an hour, and then 30 mins of weird random bad cgi birds and bizarre global warming messages.
  7. Tresspass = "NO!! NO!!!! NO!!!!!", followed by a second half that goes as far out of its way as possible to emasculate Nic Cage. Its no wonder he wanted to switch roles midway through, its embarrassing.
  8. Never thought I would find myself longing for the basketball action of Catwoman.
  9. Wien

    Birdemic: Shock and Terror (2010)

    Watching this.... thing... now. Wait wait, she got a modeling job at 1 Hour photo???
  10. I'm 10 mins into Birdemic right now. I think this is a movie about driving a car slowly.
  11. I'm still wondering what "Chicken... and brocolli..." is all about.
  12. I watched some clips of Birdemic and it pissed me off. I don't think I can sit through a full movie of that crap. Trespass, though.... wow. I watched it last night, and I wish I did this show with ya'll. I've got some things to say.
  13. Wien

    Cool As Ice

    Nice one
  14. Wien

    Shaolin Soccer

    I love Shaolin Soccer.