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    Episode 32 — 88 Minutes

    So for some reason, I have a different copy of this movie. It is actually produced by Millennium? or something like that. Anyways a bunch of the scenes you guys talked about where not in this cut... Not that it made a huge difference, but it was probably not as bad... It also was not helpful that I am a prison counselor intern in Washington State, so this movie was little to close to home for me to totally hate it.
  2. Canibalrun

    Back to the future 3

    got snowed in this weekend. Decided to watch all three back to the futures. What is the deal with the third one? The second one got a little "Klump" like with all the lead actors playing multiple versions of their characters, but the third one was just stupid. There are some massive holes in the plot that just can not be over looked (which says a lot, because I could almost look past the holes in the first two) Why would Marty's great great grandmother on the McFly line look like his mom? Why have Michael J Fox play his great great grandfather, thus denying Crispin his only chance to be in the movie? why is his girlfriend on that swing after it is all done? they left her for dead in a paralel timeline in the second one. And what's with Doc Brown constantly saying "I'm a scientist!!!" that's now his catch phrase?