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    Next (2007)

    A movie that isnt a movie at all but a flash forward. This movie made be want to mercy kill my Tv. It tries to be more then it is and Nick Cage gives his best performance wearing long greasy hair ever. **Spoiler**My most hated part is the anti climatic ending where you discover that he just saw the future and everything the viewer watched was meaning less because Cage says he knows he isnt going to do any of that but something else making the movie null and void.
  2. LandBaron

    Hulk (2003)

    This movie is bad on so many levels. First, its shot really weird. Second the Hulk looks like he goes to all you can eat buffets when ever he's not on screen. The main bad guys in the movies are dogs, and Nick Nolte has some anger issues that dont fit in just right. This movie is a steaming turd.