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  1. walterwoodsiv

    Episode 173 - Virtuosity: LIVE!

    I would like to see anyone from Castle as a guest on HDTGM.
  2. walterwoodsiv

    Episode 172 - The Last Dragon: LIVE!

    Eddie Arkadian is the best Paul F. Tompkins character.
  3. walterwoodsiv

    Episode 170 - Bratz

    No elections. It's a dictatorship. Meredith represents fascism.
  4. walterwoodsiv

    Episode 170 - Bratz

    So. Many. Things. First, https://youtu.be/ggEPIKZuPn4 This is suppose to be Sasha? Second, Deaf DJs are actually a thing. I had to look it up after this movie. Also, I started loosing my mind watching this at 1:00 AM and started creating a theory about how this movie predicts the rise of Donald Trump and failure of the GOP to stop it. I can totally go into that if you want.
  5. walterwoodsiv

    Episode 165 - Ninja Terminator: LIVE!

    It was surgically bad. Like, it reminded me of Black Dinamite: a parody of a specific type of movie. Also, when this came on screen, I absolutely lost my mind. Seriously the most I've laughed at on of these movies in a while.
  6. walterwoodsiv

    Episode 161 - The Fate of the Furious

    The way the Cuba scene ends is so strangeโ€‹. They build up a minor villain (the guy Dom races). Every other movie would have the hero win, the bad guy humiliated, end of scene. But F8 has the villain say, "you've earned my respect," Dom doesn't take his car, and everyone becomes friends. They even address it later when Dom says he "changed him" by showing him mercy essentially. It's surprisingly deep for a crazy action movie.
  7. I was surprised to see a Phurba (the knife) in this movie, considering I own this... It's a replica of the Phurba from the video game Uncharted 2. They are completely misusing it by the way. They are ritualistic, not for fighting. More about phurbas (sorry if it's already been linked).
  8. walterwoodsiv

    Antfarm Dickhole (2011)

    I don't even have words... IMDB
  9. walterwoodsiv

    Episode 136 - Hell Comes to Frogtown: LIVE!

    In the game Fallout, some people survived a nuclear apocalypse by living in underground vaults. Some of there were actually experiments run by the company that constructed the vaults. Vault 69 (clever, eh?) was apparently populated by 1 man and 999 women. http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Vault_69 The game series also features slavers, mutants, warring factions, and a government similar to what we see in this movie.
  10. walterwoodsiv


    Most entertaining, barely-relevant story from Paul, June, or Jason. "What's it's mission?" is the clear front runner, but I know there were others I can't think of.
  11. walterwoodsiv

    Episode 134 - Can't Stop the Music: LIVE!

    Pete, I will always applaud your terrible puns. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzpndHtdl9A Ah, who am I kidding. I just want to watch the forum burn.
  12. walterwoodsiv

    Episode 134 - Can't Stop the Music: LIVE!

    I can't wait to get on the forum and discuss the episode...
  13. walterwoodsiv

    Episode 131 - The Covenant

    I was really confused as to how such an awful movie managed to find so many talented actors before they hit it big. Sebastian Stan - Winter Soldier Taylor Kitsch - Friday Night Lights, True Detective, tons of blockbuster films Steven Strait - starring on one of the best new shows this year Jessica Lucas - TONS of TV work Chace Crawford - lots of success on TV (Gossip Girl) Laura Ramsey - nothing huge, but has stayed very busy Turns out the casting director is Mindy Marin, who has cast a bunch of awesome movies like Nightcrawler, Drive, Juno, etc. She also cast a few HDTGM classics: Anaconda and Face/Off.
  14. walterwoodsiv

    Episode 403 - This Ain't Now, This is Then

    So I guess that wasn't a bit about Adam almost changing his name. You could hear the shame in his voice.
  15. walterwoodsiv

    Episode 130 - Teen Witch

    I actually had the pleasure of working with Robyn Lively on a movie a few years ago. She was very nice from my interactions with her. As for this movie, I legitimately thing everyone (except for maybe Hats and the parents) is a straight up sociopath. The teacher is a creep. He makes fun of a student in public for having birth control. Louis Guzman's reaction is to force him to do something that would get him labeled a sex offender. If it wasn't played as a comical bit with magic, it would be a super dark episode of Dateline. Two loosely related thoughts: Regarding voodoo dolls, if you want to see an equal parts cool, disturbing, and funny take on it, watch Stardust. Finally, this movie is like a live action episode of Rick and Morty starring Summer.