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  1. Spline

    Episode 107.5 — 12/21/12 TWO CHARTED 46

    Howard screaming into the mic made me cry laughing. Holy shit.
  2. Spline

    Episode 88.5 — 8/10/12 TWO CHARTED 27

    Joke Machine sounds like an amazing show - I'd love to hear Wie Wie's champion slams
  3. Spline

    Episode 87 — Legal Weed

    Howard's disgusted "what a fucking dick" at an hour 7 minutes made me do a literal spit take.
  4. Spline

    Episode 75 — Full On Efron

    Thanks for the shout out, guys! You even pronounced my last name right. Ku-dos!
  5. Spline

    Episode 5 — 3/9/12 TWO CHARTED

    I'm really digging Dustin's expanded role on the Friday shows - I second the Dustin chart!
  6. Check out CBB ep 118 with Patton Oswalt and Eddie Pepitone
  7. Spline

    Episode 62.5 — 2/10/12 TWO CHARTED

    Two Charted? carried me through a very boring Friday at work - Thanks guys! Kulap, you should check out Shoot Em Up for another crazy mid-sex fight scene. Howard, any chance on punk bands / songs making it into your charts?
  8. Todd Glass Graham Elwood Seth Morris Ted Leo Jay Bentley
  9. Spline

    Episode 62 — Indie Cred

    How do I sign up for the Makeover Limousine Bang Giveaway?
  10. Spline

    top 5 people born today, Feb 3

    Happy belated birthday, Howard!
  11. Spline

    New Moderator Introduction Post!!

    Hi Shannon and Rob! I'm a huge Earwolf fan as well with Who Charted? being my favorite on the network. I'm from the SF Bay and I'm trying to break into the animation industry (preferably film, but I'll take whatever I can get!). So nice to meet you!
  12. Spline

    Episode 60 — Dale! Dale! Dale!

    Anyone else hoping Contraband stays in the charts so we can hear more of Howard's Wahlberg impression?