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  1. Is anyone else having this issue? Earwolf podcasts won't download to zune marketplace, (yes i own a zune, i know.) and the title of the episodes will appear in itunes when i subscribe and/or download but they won't play. this is only happening with earwolf podcasts. what the fuck, man?
  2. scottwebb

    Death Wish 3 (1985)

    Any of the Death Wish films are perfect candidates (let's not forget 4 and 5). I second this recommendation.
  3. scottwebb

    Birdemic Podcast

    On the bright side, your child's attention span far surpasses that of any adult I know. That kid's goin places.
  4. scottwebb

    Birdemic Podcast

    Yeah whats the deal? I thought Paul said in 29.5 that it would be available over the interweb soon. If i watched that piece of shit and don't get a HDTGM episode out of it, theres gonna be a listenerdemic. That movie was bad in a way that wasn't even entertaining. I had to take up meditation and Qigong just to cleanse the awfulness that is Birdemic from my brain. After watching that terrible film, I feel like earwolf owes ME a donation.
  5. scottwebb

    Episode 29.5 — Minisode 29.5

    Monster rape alone is not enough to have a movie featured on HDTGM. If we followed the logic that it is, then films like Naked Lunch and Alien would be eligible for an HDTGM episode. I haven't seen Splice yet so I can't really speak on the tone of the monster sex scenes, but I think that humanoid on human rape CAN be an effective tool for instilling fear in the audience. Call me humorless, but I really don't think that monster sex is something that automatically constitutes enternainment value on an absurd or comedic level.
  6. scottwebb

    In Time

    40 million dollars, and as far as i can tell, it was all spent on spoon feeding me a political philosophy and making Amanda Seyfried look uncharacteristically attractive while running around for 90 minutes.
  7. scottwebb

    One for the Money (2012)

    I think about 25-35% percent of that $11m is from people who love shitty movies. I personally have been eagerly awaiting the release of that suckfest since I saw the previews about 2 weeks ago. Then I saw the $6 groupon ad, and it was on like donkey kong.
  8. scottwebb

    So, did you watch Trespass? Cause I did!

    And the first movie fails as a thriller because of the second movie. At no point during this film did I think the thieves would be successful. Their main motivation during this film is the speed with which they execute the robbery, yet they spend all kinds of time dickin' around askin' for codes that everyone knows they already have. Then there's the crackhead chick who immediately goes upstairs and starts trying on dresses and ashing cigarette butts in the carpet, leaving DNA of several makes and models around the room. And then of course, there was the robber who fucked Nicole Kidman's character and THEN WEARS THE MOST REVEALING MASK OF ALL THE ROBBERS. They did too much stupid shit right outta the gate for this movie to succeed as a thriller. Furthermore, the family are such shitty people that you don't really care about what happens to them. All in all, it certainly is a crappy film, but probably one of the more bearable ones to be featured on HDTGM (Birdemic is extremely fresh in my mind which makes everything else look like 2001: A Space Odyssey by comparison, so I could be giving trespass too much credit.)