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  1. Maybe not for you but for me it is now. I hate being told I cannot know something, especially after being told not to worry about it. It's not nigger and I honestly cannot think of a racial slur that would warrant a censorship.
  2. Honestly I have a hard time thinking about any other word that would offensive enough to bleep. To me nigger is the only word I can think of that might warrant it. Even then I don't consider it that offensive. Nor does anyone else I know. This is probably due to the difference of attitudes in the US vs Canada but who knows. But again what really shocked me was the sudden bleeping. In the last 61 episodes there have been plenty of offensive things said that could warrant a bleep, but that it happens now is just kind of weird.
  3. Interesting because I really thought it was based off what was said afterwords. Now I really want to know what it is. Personally I just thought it was really weird since you haven't censored in the past. For me it just took me out probably because I hate censorship. But to each their own. Fantastic! I look forward to it. One thing I am wondering is if having no audience reaction effects how you continue on the scene.
  4. sarel

    Hey, guys, I just had a thought...

    I find it hilarious that the wikipedia article for Chris Kuroda redirects to Phish where his name is only mentioned once, in the box beneath the band members at the bottom.
  5. sarel

    Episode 193 — What Else? What Else?

    Personally I would like to see less of those characters because after a while it gets kind of tiring. I love PFT but I think that his near constant presence with many of the same characters loses it originality after a while. In fact, take James Adomian. He disappeared for a while and that was great because when he came back it felt fresh and new and tried new things. Not to criticise PFT but it would be nice to see him throw in a new character.
  6. sarel

    Episode 193 — What Else? What Else?

    Wow I didn't realise people didn't like the Nancy character. I think it is hilarious. I also loved Lauren Lapkus characters as well. I'm pretty much game for any character and I like to see them become more fleshed out as the episode goes along, such as fleshing out Nancy a bit more because I think she didn't do well last month with Adomian's meh performance. Please have on more female characters! My knowledge of female comedians is very small and I would love to learn about more great talent, such as Lauren Lapkus or Lennon Parham or Jessica St. Clair. Speaking of characters, while it's great to have a Paul F Tompkins or a James Adomian, I am kind of done with them for a while. Actually this is more towards PFT, who is great and I love him, but I do find his characters have gotten a little boring after a while. I get the schtick of Andrew Lloyd Weber or Garry Marshall after the 10th appearance. It's nice to hear something new, say Mike the janitor. Save the well known impressions for big events or maybe bring them out once or twice a year.
  7. One of my favourite episodes of Improv4humans is the gun episode. I thought it was very topical and a good discussion. Personally I thought that the edit of nigger was actually distracting more than the word itself. Kind of ruined the flow for me. As for improvements, I dunno. After 62 episodes you've really gotten into a good grove and a formula that works. Changing up where you get stories from every few months has really helped. One thing that would be interesting would be to try a long form (like 30 minutes) improv. Most of the scenes on this show are fairly short and it would interesting to hear a much longer one. I dunno how feasible that is but it would be interesting to hear.
  8. I agree with 9/10 of the choices although I would have different ordering but the one I do not get is Farts and Procreation 2. I just didn't think it was that good and did not hold a candle to Farts and Procreation 1. I was really surprised to hear it at number 2. I don't think it was top ten material but oh well.
  9. I fully support Marissa Wompler making a podcast, however it would have to be fairly infrequent, say once a month, to preserve the comedy gold. I actually had to rewind this episode a whole bunch to pick up on all the great things like Marissa calling Seth her dad. Brilliant improv guys.
  10. Those photos show a group of very sexy men. Also is PFT going grey? He looks like a distinguished man in that jacket.
  11. I am so very excited for this. Just looking at who is on it makes me happy. Thank you for this special Christmas treat.
  12. Kulap calling Scott honey throughout the entire episode me laugh. It sounds so out of character.
  13. I like how Katt Williams is going all Jesus on people while preaching how much pussy he gets. I'm pretty sure the Bible says that you shouldn't be doing that.
  14. sarel

    Episode 188 — Attack of the Shits

    Marisa Wompler is my favourite CBB character. Hands down. You need to have St. Clair back with Lennon soon.
  15. Eric is so bad he transcends to good. He just doesn't get it no matter how hard Matt tries. It's just so pathetic that it becomes hilarious. Keep having Eric and his terrible interview skills come back.