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  1. I just have to put my musical two cents in on this one. The composer of the background music for this movie is Stanley Clarke, bass player for the Jazz fusion band Return to Forever. He actually won a grammy at the recent grammy awards. He is a phenomenal bass player and you should really check his work out. Even if jazz fusion is not your thing, his virtuosity is undeniable. However, he has made music for an odd selections of movies. He is done highly acclaimed movies such as Boyz n the Hood, low level movies such as Like Mike 2: Streetball ( and of course Cool as Ice ) and even the Transporter starring HDTGM hero Jason Statham. Just some interesting thoughts on the scores of movies.
  2. I didn't totally like my typography on my first submission, so I re-did with minor changes.
  3. Here is my T-shirt idea, based on the famous scene from Crank.