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  1. Hot - Slunch

    Episode 134 - Can't Stop the Music: LIVE!

    Pete was hitting home runs in this episode.
  2. Hot - Slunch

    Episode 134 - Can't Stop the Music: LIVE!

    It was really cool how Esposito made a big deal about what pronoun to address Jenner with, only to flip-flop and change the pronoun to the other side in the middle of the episode. Very progressive. You can really feel the tenderness and care. I also liked when she undercut the dicks being useless conversation by acting like the guys started it, except she did. Oh and the super fun part where the fan came up with the fairly interesting Gemini/two personalities comment and she immediately no-butted it by saying 'that's not how transgender works'.
  3. Oh man... Everything about Paul telling the fake ET flashback, realizing ET wasn't Universal, calling it out, and then re-telling the story differently was the best. "He looked like a sack of potatoes." (Not an exact quote, I know.)
  4. This was great. I could listen to this stuff all day. Ian's views are totally in sync with how I see this stuff. The rules get people on the same page, they develop your skills, and then if you're good enough, you'll be good enough to break the rules. That's how everything works. You can't just waltz in and be a game changing, transcendent person. Most people aren't. No school should expect that, or base their teaching strategy around the idea that everyone has that special thing. It's a waste of resources and effort. The UCB seems to have a pretty flawless system in terms of streamlining and freedom. ------ Now it's just me, but instead of that boxing analogy I would've gone with more basketball (even though he said he only watched briefly). Basketball is both individual, and team based. There are so many fundamentals that you need to learn to be successful, but when you're good enough you can ignore them and actually benefit. Take Rajon Rondo for example. His basketball IQ is next level. He sees the court and passes masterfully. Yet when he takes a layup, he takes off on the wrong foot, which throws the defense off. Something so subtle can throw the defense (audience) while scoring (getting a laugh).
  5. Hot - Slunch

    EPISODE 217 — A i4h Christmas Carol

    Awesome episode. Man, this has been a great run over the last month or so; just classic after classic. The meta stuff and subtle jabs always make me happy. Keep on keeping it real, Besser.
  6. That Wizard of Oz scene was great. Just totally silly.
  7. Hot - Slunch

    EPISODE 120 - Masters of the Universe

    Lots of middle of the road people and farmers have planes in rural areas i.e. Montana, Alaska, etc. It's more economical than driving for some. However I doubt that's the case for the family in the movie. Still it's not just super rich people with cruddy small planes.
  8. Hot - Slunch

    EPISODE 378 — Mailer Daemon

    No. Put the old picture back up.
  9. Hot - Slunch

    EPISODE 26 - Garden of Eden

    I really, really wanted to ask for a specific pairing in that 'Ask PFT' thread, but held my tongue because I thought it might be rude. Well, it appears that my humble dream of a Janet Varney / Colleen Smith episode has come true. This raises a whole other question, is Paul a mind reader? Jury's out.
  10. Thank you all, for standing up for butterscotch in the war against caramel.
  11. Hot - Slunch

    EPISODE 205 — Flaming Mop and Tuxedo

    Chad Carter and Besser only?! Oh my God, yes! I can't wait to listen to this.
  12. This episode made me exclaim something that I've only said once before about a Sylvester Stallone performance, "What a cliffhanger!"
  13. Hot - Slunch


    Oh, gotcha. I hadn't noticed a shift towards reddit, but I haven't exactly been keeping up with the forums. It seems like I've been had.
  14. Hot - Slunch


    Thanks for the response, Scott. If that's the way the data shook out and it assuaged your apprehension of the episode removal, I can't be mad at that (not that I was). You're right, it is weird that having less choice helps popularity... People be crazy.