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  1. I was a little bummed that you guys kept using the word "midget" even though it's clearly offensive to little people. But...idk, maybe it's not a big deal? Is it like saying the N-word or is it like saying Black instead of African American, where only uptight people really care about the difference? Hard to say. I'm not a little person. But why risk it, if you're not sure? Why bother offending an entire group of people? What does truly harsh my buzz (yo) is when you guys throw around the word "retarded." Definitely not an okay thing. And I wouldn't say I'm the easily offended type (how could I be, watching these movies every week?).


    Anyway, it was thoroughly entertaining as always. I really don't want to sound like "that guy" with those complaints up there. This is, by and large, my favorite podcast. But as far as being socially aware, you guys could step it up. That's fair, right?


    It was pretty disgusting to hear the term "midget" used so flippantly during this podcast. Jason seemed like the only one who consciously chose to say "drawf" or "little person." These people really hear enough insensitivity thrown at them throughout their lives from little children, hacky radio DJs and general assholes - it's dissappointing to hear the same from smart and socially aware comedians. I hope you sell a lot of t-shirts though.



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  2. haven't had internet in 2 days and just found out about NBC's TERRIBLE decision to pull BFF


    this is literally the worst news ever.


    I just heard last night, shitty news. How can NBC order a minuscule six episodes and then give up after four, only to supposedly play the other two in the summer?


    What's going in BFF's time slot? Oh a second episode of Betty White's crap 'prank' show.


    This video sums up my reaction pretty well:


  3. Big Cracked Out fan here, I've been listening to the EP and album a lot lately.


    I do the telephone pole/girder thing while I'm driving too Jon. It definitely stems from some obsessive compulsive tendencies.


    I recently started anti-depressants for the first time, no major changes thus far.

  4. The fourth episode of the show aired tonight and guess what? Jessica claimed to have dated Eric Wompler aka The Womps aka Womplestiltskin back in high school, because he had a pool.


    I was thrilled to say the least.


    Does Marissa have a brother or cousin that we don't know about? Again, the Wompler name creates intrigue.




    Check out the show if you haven't.

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  5. Oh my God, there are too many. I just picked twelve random ones that I really love, and that doesn't even scratch the surface...



    36 (Besser/Cyber Thug/Miles Archer)

    74 (Mantzoukas/Daly)

    89 (Kroll, Wittels)

    92 (Richtor/St. Clair)

    101 (Lo Truglio/Wilson/Besser)

    108 (Adomian/Corddry/Hayes)

    119 (Jacobs/Daly)

    120 (Scott/Wittels/Peretti)

    129 (Gelman/Daly/Mcleod/Campbell)

    131 (Mantzoukas/Daly)

    146 (Watts/Schwartz/Besser)

    150 (Moynihan/PFT)


    If you like the show already, I agree with listening to them all. I did, and it makes the great ones even greater... The best of the best should be 'getting a friend into the show episodes'.

  6. I also have to comment and say that I went and watched Best Friends Forever after listening to this podcast. It's definitely better than I expected. The previews I saw looked weak, but they didn't really capture the show's identity. Lennon and Jessica's humor is definitely there, so I'd recommend the show if you like them. I'll be watching.