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  1. But on a more serious note, anyone who was turned off by the first season of the TV show should give it another try. It's gotten a lot better and the style of humor is more in line with the podcast. It's gone from a show that I enjoyed partially because it was genuinely funny and partially because it was just fun to watch Scott & Co. get to do all this crazy stuff on TV to one of my absolute favorite shows.


    I actually liked season 1 a lot, and lost interest during season two. (Sorry everyone!)


    I feel like Leo Allen's absense after season 1 is a part of it.

  2. I'm sorry to say, but I've lost a bit of in interest in the show lately. I stopped listening for about 3 months after Wompler's birthday (and an exception for Suicide House). I don't know why, but it feels a little different to me. I've been catching up this past two weeks because I feel I should listen to all if I'm going to vote.


    My list:


    267 - That Wasn't It (I'm Back)[Hee Hee] - Mookie was awesome

    274 - Oh, Golly! - Classic Zouks, Aukerman and Daly

    280 - DuALity - Weird Al and PFT, say no more.

    283 - 5th Anniversary Show! - Fun returning character stuff.

    289 - The Exorcism of Cake Boss - Gourley's HR was awesome, and a new PFT character.

    300 - Oh, Golly! You Devil - Maybe my favorite episode ever.

    303 - Puttering Around - PFT, Loudon and MASH talk

    304 - Marissa Wompler's Six Flags Birthday Womptacular - I love me some Wompler

    312 - Grounded Me@ - Repetition of the song was great.

    319 - Return to Suicide House Part Gore - Gelman's return and Ghost Boy

  3. Huebel is the best.



    Chatroulette is certainly a ridiculous concept, but it is a real site. The idea isn't necessarily anonymity, it's just to meet new people (cybersex partners) online. Although you can chat with anyone in the world, so the odds of two kids from the same school seeing each other are astronomical.


    At least two people I know ran into people they knew on chatroulette back when it was very popular... Just saying.

  4. Just to reiterate a few points:


    - Lewinski is a good figure for an antibullying movement. Her bullying does not come from a place where there was no wrong in the first place (like Tyler Clementi). It comes from a place where there was a wrong, but the response is disproportionate. And that's why Lewinski is important: if only victims like Clementi represent anti-bullying movements, bullies are not going to temper their actions when they think their criticisms are justified.But most cases of bullying happen when the bully thinks the criticism toward the victim is justified. Anti-bullying campaigns need to put out the message that even if you think your criticism is justified, you need to make sure your response is measured and doesn't contribute to a global effect that destroys the targets person's sense of safety and self-esteem.


    - No one has ever said that Lewinski is above criticism, so I don't know why Matt and a few other people keep demanding that people stop saying that.


    - I don't understanding the complaint about Lewinski "comparing" herself to Clementi. She's not saying that their stories are identical or even equally tragic. She's just saying they were both subjected to (different sorts of) harassment.


    - The point that Matt was trying to make about the story of the hikers was the easiest slam dunk. The case was supposed to draw out the principle: if you take on risk by putting yourself in harm's way, and if you then end up getting hurt, you deserve lessened empathy. Leaving aside the fact that "lessened empathy" doesn't have to mean "no empathy", it is super, super easy to find counterexamples to this principle. Here's a case structurally identical to the hiker's case: a college junior goes to a kegger at a frat house dressed provocatively and ends up getting raped. Does she deserve less empathy because those sorts of things are more likely to happen at frat houses keggers and she should have known better?


    1. She's not a good representative of anti-bullying. I know for a fact that if I was being bullied I wouldn't want to look up to her as some sort of hero or martyr.


    "Mom, I've been getting picked on at school lately."

    "Don't worry, son. Monica Lewinsky was bullied in her day as well. Things will get better."

    "Gee mom, so you're saying if I stick it out I could be like Monica someday?!"


    Wasn't that uplifting?


    Also, about your 'bullies need to know they can't bully even when they justify it' point. *Insert generic statistics about how the death penalty doesn't really help dissuade violent crime* Bullies gonna bully, man. Whether they think they're right or wrong, or don't care; a shitty home life, shitty work life, bad days, or just straight up assholes are going to be mean regardless. This stuff is to encourage people to find support for when they are bullied and to know they aren't alone, as opposed to stopping bullying... By the way, how's the war on terror going?


    Campaigns like this need a sympathetic figure. You're going to catch a lot more eyes with Monica Lewinsky, but you're going to get a lot more action and change by using people who've literally been destroyed by this stuff (more than reputation alone).


    2. Whether or not someone said she's above criticism isn't the point. A lot of people act like saying anything other than something fullly positivite is negative and therefore bullying. There's a difference between accusing someone of using their infamy for monetary gain vs. calling a high school kid a fat loser... Just like there's a difference between constructive criticism and trolling. People should have the right to question motives and justly comment without being called bullies. We're in a culture of if you don't gush about something you're a 'hater', and that's essentially gang censorship to me.


    3. Her even mentioning the kid's name in conjunction with her own is asking for a negative reaction because the bullying happened for completely different reasons. If she's being a spokesperson, she should solely speak about her own experience. Bringing that kid up is either pandering or attempting to illicit a positive response for herself, by association. If had she said something about another person like I don't know, Ghandi, MLK, or Mother Theresa, don't you think people would find that odd?


    Imagine something along the lines of, "I'm into the civil rights movement like MLK because I like totally voted for Obama."


    When you associate yourself with another person, however tangentially, people will naturally compare the situations. When they don't add up, you'll get blasted.


    4. I don't even want to go there with your rape metaphor... But if you're going there this is more of what you need:


    - A proficient hiking couple walking the same paths with gear, getting caught in a flash flood.


    - An inexperienced person trying to walk the Appalachian Trail with no gear or training.


    Compared to


    - A group of girls going to a party with full knowledge of what they're doing, who's leaving and when, and keeping an eye on each other.


    - One girl who's never been drunk before and wants to get blitzed, alone, visiting a new college, wandering into a strange frat party where she knows nobody.




    I see nothing wrong with anything Besser has said, and think he's well within reason to dislike her for the reasons he's stated.


    Sorry for the long post and I won't respond again about this topic, but just felt like I should even out the pro/con sides a bit. CASE CLOSED.

  5. I'm more angry about people reclining seats than I am about spanking kids. I can't stand seat recliners.


    Simple rule I have: Do I want someone to recline in my face? No. So I won't do it to someone else.


    Even if the person in front of me reclines, I take it for the team and just suck it up so I don't mess with the person behind me because I'm not an asshole. I'm 6' and my knees are generally on the back of seats, so it's hopefully tougher for someone to put it back on me. I'll also push back a bit if someone's trying to drop it back, especially if they do the 'fast recline' with no regard for humanity.


    Seriously, fuck it. Why even give people the option to recline?!


    Oh, and the episode was funny.

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    I don't know, at some point, you have more money than you can ever possibly spend, so what's another $25M going to do? There are plenty of rich actors who turn down big-money roles for stuff that's more artistically fulfilling.


    That's assuming they got into acting for the art of it though.


    I have no clue about how much money he has, other than the new million per episode deal. So he may not be totally set for life yet. (Might be bad with money + agent + manager + taxes + houses + cars + family + moochers + lawyers) Also that kind of fame and money changes people. He may have been cool with doing small things, but maybe he isn't now that he's on this success wave?


    Also, Zach Braff. Do we really want another Zach Braff running around?

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  7. It really bothered me that Hugh Laurie never won for House. James Spader beat him twice, then Cranston beat him 3 years in a row. Then a Friday Night Lights guy beat him.


    People wonder why tv is dwindling in ratings and why Big Bang Theory is the biggest thing on tv. Well maybe people would watch other shit if the awards were given out to more shows? Giving the same award to the same people for years isn't exactly promoting and enhancing the product.



    Keep putting Ben in the confrontation corner!

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  8. his consistently awesome appearances on CBB and i4h almost make me want to check out Guy Code... has anyone here ever watched it? it's titular conceit has always kept me from checking it out, but I'd be happy to be proven wrong for comedy's sake.


    I saw about 3 minutes of it before Gabrus became an Earwolf staple and couldn't stand it (although I saw a Gabrus-less segment).


    Regardless, keep gettin' dem checks Gabrus.


    I think I need to say Gabrus a few more times. Gabrus.

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  9. Point of order!


    Paul wasn't just on the 'Best Of' episodes, he was in the Erinn Hayes/Dan Telfer/Cake Boss episode... Until he went out to get high.


    He also guest hosted way back!


    Plus in a highly unorthodox move, he often shows up to plug without having been on the show.

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  10. Absolutely amazing. I stayed up until the episode was released, saw the lineup and knew it would be a potential GOAT episode. I debated pulling an all-nighter to listen, but instead waited until last night to listen. It was the only podcast to ever have made me make shocked facial expressions. The twists! The turns! The limericks!


    I've been a staunch Andi Callahan R.N. supporter from the start, and was hoping for a return. I knew Cactus Tony got some of his meds from Andi!


    I'm not going to say I called it, but I kind of called it.

  11. The way Matt opened that cooking scene was a little like the Ian Roberts/Matt Walsh sketch from 'Infested With Friars' episode of the UCB show. I love that incredibly drawn out over-explanation.


    I haven't seen much of Neil, but I feel like he has that same kind of thing in him that Lennon Parham and Mookie do; where he'll just go into a strong character choice right off the bat in a scene. Funny stuff.

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