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  1. Do what you feel is right Jeff.


    An ad's an ad. It didn't bother me.


    It's not like I'm highly susceptible to ad campaigns, other than the delicious deals at Domino's! Whenever I see one of those on the internet, I think to myself, "Just do it! Order the Domino's pizza and wash it down with an ice Cold Coca-Cola; then brush your teeth with an Oral-B toothbrush covered in Crest.

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  2. Awesome to hear Michael Delaney in a studio episode. It's cool to me to have seen him way back on the UCB tv show in stuff like the John Denver Fan Club, and then finally hear some improv from him.


    The speed of jumping into scenes in this episode was absurdly fast. The Mikey scene was really good.


    Neat Harold Ramis story at the end, he was a legend.

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    Is this like those Snapple cap "facts"? Because it looks like Adams is the only one of those three who died on July 4th.


    No, you're right. Massive error on my end. I typed in a word document, then cut and pasted.


    I meant Adams and Jefferson died on the 4th, and signed the Declaration. Monroe is the other July 4th.


    I really don't know what happened there. Anyone else smell burnt toast?

  4. Washington 1789-1799

    Jefferson 1801-1826

    Jackson 1829-1845

    Polk 1845-1849

    Taylor 1849-1850

    Fillmore 1850-1874

    Hayes 1877-1893

    Cleveland 1893-1908

    Taft 1909-1930

    FDR 1933-1945

    Truman 1945-1972

    Ford 1974-2006

    Obama 2009- Present


    Millard Fillmore would have been president through the Civil War.


    Neither Adams or Bush would have been president. Also no Nixon or Clinton.


    You can't have a period without a president though. There are two ways I could see this going.


    If a president dies prior to an election then the president would become who was really president during that time, because they would presumably hold powerful positions. It would probably go like this:



    John Adams

    John Quincy Adams

    James K. Polk

    Zachary Taylor

    Millard Fillmore

    Ulysses S. Grant

    Grover Cleveland

    Theodore Roosevelt

    Woodrow Wilson

    Calvin Coolidge

    Herbert Hoover

    Lyndon B. Johnson

    Richard Nixon

    Bill Clinton


    Or if you'd rather utilize VP's to take over in the intermediate time between a death and the next election, it would go:




    Thomas Jefferson

    John Quincy Adams

    John C. Calhoun

    Zachary Taylor

    Millard Fillmore

    Ulysses S. Grant

    Grover Cleveland

    Theodore Roosevelt

    Woodrow Wilson

    Thomas R. Marshall

    Calvin Coolidge

    Charles G. Dawes


    Harry S. Truman

    Richard Nixon

    Gerald Ford



    Fun facts:


    - No presidents have died in May.

    - The only two to have died in September were assassinated.

    - 3 died on the 4th of July, two of which (Adams/Jefferson) signed the Declaration. The other was Monroe.


    Edit: Fixed my idiocy.

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  5. Trailer:


    The movie stars Bo Derek knockoff Valerie Perrine, Steve Guttenberg, Bruce Jenner, and The Village People. It's essentially the made up story about how the Village People got together.


    Don't let the term musical throw you, there's maybe 6 songs in the entire movie. The movie could've been 15 minutes long and it would've been as satisfying emotionally.


    The YMCA song might be the gayest thing I've ever seen.


    It's available for streaming on Netflix Instant.





    Edit: Sorry to whichever mod had to move my post. I tried searching, but couldn't find anything.

  6. That whole Sherman thing boggles my mind. Fucking let people talk shit. He shut Crabtree down, essentially won the game, and the interview was like two minutes later. If you can't be hyped up and crazy two minutes after winning like that, we're in a bad place.


    It reminds me of Demarcus Cousins in the NBA. He's been getting tons of shit for not shaking hands with people. You're not getting paid to be best friends with people on the other team. I hate the robotic answers in press conferences. I'd rather have tons of Dennis Rodmans in the league than a bunch of buttoned up douches.




    About the episode, the first scene was my favorite by far.


    Well, sure, but that doesn't mean you're owed a cone of silence on a plane. It's a vehicle of mass transportation, not a library. Find your silent spaces elsewhere.


    So what you're saying is, you're an annoying asshat who can't go 20 minutes without looking at their phone? I don't need some moron yacking about his mom picking him up at terminal 5 for family barbeque, while also having to breathe recycled fart air.


    A plane has been a silent space, and douchebags on phones might take that away. Find phone time elsewhere.

  8. Great epsiode! I am with Paul, I loved this game, the movie is straight up awful, and the theme song to this movie is amazing. I used to do dance routines to it with my friend all the time. The same friend (who doesn't listen to podcasts) has spent this week facepainting Mortal Kombat characters randomly. She told me to share, so here she is as subzero and reptile.



    *Mortal Kombat Voice*