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  1. I got my macbook pro back in 2007, and two years ago my battery swelled up like that. It started ballooning and messed up the trackpad. It wouldn't respond to touch or click because the cables were messed up. The pad itsself didn't expand like Thomas' though. So I took the battery out and have used it for two years without a battery. Everything is fine.


    I also revieved my improv manual yesterday. It's much heftier than I expected, can't wait to start reading.

  2. *fake outrage*


    Point of order! Point of order!


    - Garry and Gillian met in Words Without Friends, not Garry Unmarried.


    - Neil first rapped in the 2011 Halloween episode.




    I had a feeling that's how the episode with Wright/Frost/Pegg came about. It's so great that they came out and did the show. Hopefully they come back at some point.

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  3. Scott plays the author of 'A Christmas Carol'


    He didn't play Charles Dickens. He played Clement Clarke Moore.



    Oh man, that's approaching the top of my podcast queue, now I'm looking forward to it even more. Dead Authors is really good overall. I listened to one of the early episodes with Scott as Ben Franklin, then sort of gave up on it, largely because a lot of the guests were people I wasn't really familiar with, but they've had one hell of a run of guests in the last two months or so.


    Best episodes in my opinion:


    Plato - Mantzoukas

    Bronte - Jessica St. Clair

    Burroughs/Doyle - Chris Tallman episodes

    Wodehouse/Behan - Brian Stack episodes

    Marquis de Sade - Andy Daly

    The Authors of the Gospels

    Tolkien - Matt Walsh

    Shelley - Laraine Newman

    Dickens/O'Henry - Mark Evan Jackson/Hal Lublin

  4. Damn, Matt was going off on this stuff. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that I'd listen to an all 'what's bothering you' podcast.


    I think a big reason why people don't know what's happening in music is the fact that there is no cultural funnel or touchstone anymore. With access to everything online, and everybody being entitled to their opinion, it's overwhelming. Love it or hate it, MTV back when they played music (albeit still not super independent), played enough varied stuff to pique people's interest which caused them to go further into that genre. They cycled in new stuff constantly, had weird lists, had bands hosting shows and playing their favorites, etc. Now everybody has their own blog about what's the best, instead of one Rolling Stone issue. It's just too hard to find a jumping off point for a lot of people now.


    The 'buying one song' phenomenon pisses me off as well. If you like somebody, odds are you'll like the other stuff they did. If I find a creative person I like, I go through their backlog of work. One thing that I think suffers with the 'one song' fad is that it theoretically could lead to the end of concept albums. Guys like Zappa or The Residents carefully crafting full albums on a running theme or story have no place in a one song era. That fucking sucks.


    Some people don't watch comedies, but watch the Emmy's. They see the Big Bang Theory or Two and a Half Men winning awards as the representative of comedy year in and year out... That's not attracting new viewers. We know those CBS shows have run forever, give someone else a shot. Do I need to see Kobe Bryant in the all-star game again, or do I want to see Damian Lillard? Reward the people that put in work, don't just support the already supported.

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  5. Good point, although I don't think any fault of Green Hornet lies on Seth Rogan; he was just simply miscast. Nobody was really clamoring for a Green Hornet movie, it was a cheap attempt to ride the coattails of superhero blockbusters. The studio was confused as hell as to what to do with the thing and put the wrong people in every creative position. Everyone involved is unquestionably talented but just not in the right role -- Michel Gondry would be far down on my list of directors I'd expect to do a proper action movie.


    Regarding Be Kind Rewind, the problem is really the film is built around these cute bits that should have been a web series on Funny Or Die or something. The little movies are charming and funny but they're tied together in a pretty conventional and sentimental manner; there's no actual character development, plot turns or twists, and very little drama.


    Rogen wrote Green Hornet too though... Gondry did it for the $$$, because of his visual style I think he could make a great action movie if given the right amount of control.


    I love Be Kind Rewind. It was marketed as a wacky comedy, but it wasn't that at all. Not amazing, but had a great vibe and some great parts.

  6. This is what they meant by 'embeded' if you haven't looked it up. Just a small piece of whatever game used stuff placed in the card. It's tough to describe if you've never seen one. Congrats.






    I'm totally cool with the concept of telling that trumpet playing to shut up, but that dude definitely went too far over the line. The whole 'almost going to hit him with a bag' thing and getting in his face. He's lucky the trumpet player didn't go off and wail on him. The personal space invasion and threatening gestures would probably let the trumpet player face no jail time if he socked him.


    Also holy crap, could that guy drop any more names? Somebody check his pocketlining for holes.


    Just to reiterate, I love silence, but he went too far.

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    I think the humor in calling vampires Draculas is based in the concept of genericized trademarks (zippers, xerox, elevator, thermos, etc), except that when it comes to works of literature and in this instance Dracula, the most famous of vampires, everyone knows he is a VAMPIRE and his name is DRACULA, but it has become fashionable and funny to refer to vampires as Draculas, like the term has become generic (which is debatable, as I would bet most people, when pressed could tell you that Dracula is a VAMPIRE, but the way time and language go hand in hand, I wouldn't be surprised if in a generation or two vampires started getting regularly, non-jokingly referred to as Draculas).


    Anyway! Ask a question about silliness, get a dead-serious answer!


    Just to add to this, I think it was Dan Harmon in a Community commentary who said he noticed that a lot of black people would call vampires 'Draculas'.

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  8. I also have to mention that I hit up the Rifftrax live even a few days ago. They riffed Santa Claus Conquers the Martians and a brand new Christmas short about toys coming to life. It was great. Well worth the frightening drive in torrential rain and the 12.50 ticket.


    That was my first Rifftrax live and I recommend it. I was shocked to see a 40% full theater in the middle of Maine. MST3K has the reach of The Empire.

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  9. For the record Kids in the Hall is my favorite sketch show.


    The Birthday Boys, while hit and miss (like all sketch) has really impressed me. I thought I would hate it.


    They're bringing things in the right direction. No host segments, no stand up bits, just sketch. They're kind of a Mr. Show/Human Giant hybrid.


    All I can say is I've enjoyed it more than CBB this season... Blasphemy, I know.

  10. I think my biggest problem with it - and I kind of alluded to it in my original post without much detail - is that I don't think Ja'mie should have ever been given a solo series.


    Ja'mie worked perfectly in We Can Be Heroes and Summer Heights High as part of an ensemble. She's of course a horrible, horrible person who says horrible, horrible things. To me, that worked when you balanced her with, say, Jonah and Mr. G. Mr. G was pretty awful himself, but in a totally different way. Jonah acted out, but his heart was in the right place.


    So with each episode giving each of them equal time, it worked really well. I don't think watching Ja'mie say horrible things for 30 straight minutes for six episodes was particularly funny. And the jokes just seemed tired to me. I don't think Private School Girl brought anything new to the character. It's an attempt to recapture and heighen what made the character popular - but IMO the character was great in measured doses.


    That said, I think you can say that about almost all of Lilley's characters. I think only Mr. G and Jonah are well-rounded enough to carry a solo series. Maybe the prison guard from Angry Boys as well.


    I can definitely see the 'too much' of the character thing. One of the reasons SHH was so good was because right when you'd get a little tired of one character, the energy would completely change just by cutting to someone else. It really wasn't a problem for me with Ja'mie though. I was kind of shocked at how much I was laughing... Probably just because I'm a bit burnt out on all the regular US stuff at the moment.


    He seems to be doing solo shows now, because his teaser at the end of the run of Ja'mie was for a Jonah spinoff. I think maybe 2-3 characters is the magic number.


    Have you seen the whole series yet or just the ones that have aired here? That might change your mind, or not haha.

  11. Strongly disagree about Ja'mie. I've watched the whole series online since it just started here in the states. (I haven't seen Derek and probably won't.) I think Ja'mie was Lilley's second strongest show behind Summer Heights High... Given Summer Heights High was astoundingly good.


    What was so different about her character to you? She was still horrid, vapid, rude, puts on a face like she's doing something charitable yet it's for her own gain. I think it was on par with what we've seen of her in the other shows. I love that they brought the same actress back to play her mom in all three shows, and that her friend from her first school in WCBH appears in all three too. How can you not love lines like, "I wish I would've drowned you as a child"?


    He absolutely nails the teen girl to a frightening degree. It made me rewatch Summer Heights High stuff, and in one of the bonuse features you see him flip the switch into character and it is amazing. The only other time I remember seeing someone snap into character was Bill Hader on the Human Giant 24 hour marathon.


    Rank in my book:


    1. Summer Heights High


    2. Ja'mie


    3. We Can Be Heroes




    4. Angry Boys

  12. I've now heard Shelby on Analyze Fish, The Fogelnest Files and Comedy Bang Bang. So.....her whole shtick is that she's young and doesn't know about a lot of things that older people know about? That's fun. :) El Chupacabra: "Sarcasm!"


    I don't want to be negative or pile on, but I echo what you said.




    Also Scott, sorry to burst the bit, but meatus is pronounced me-8-iss.


    My Aaron Neville impression was always just an impression of Horatio's impression.

  13. were the bleeps only for the N-word? I thought MAYBE I heard one on the K-word, but seemed like just N to me.


    Either way, I want to feel indignant and free speechy and all that, but...I actually get it; it's literally the one word that is universally a "what the FUCK" word, instead of just a "oh lordy someone said fuck my poor ears." If I was listening to I4H in public and someone heard that...it'd be 10x more embarrassing than any of the sex/bodily fluid related scenes, the word cunt, et all. I'm assuming Matt Besser agreed and doesn't have a huge problem with it, but maybe he will chime in with something different.


    The N-word has been in the show before bleeped and not bleeped (if I remember right). Matt did explain his rationale at one point, but I probably can't desrcibe it properly off the top of my head.


    Something along the lines of 'sometimes it's just so out of place and potentially jarring; and if it doesn't specifically add anything to the scene' then it gets bleeped.