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  1. MasterCob

    Episode 163 — Burning Love

    Loved this episode! I actually spent the entire time just assuming that Burning Love was a fake show that they made up for this episode. Then I read the comments.
  2. MasterCob

    Episode 80 - Proop Doggy Dog

    Hesitant to listen to this. Proops' valley guy accent gets to me...
  3. MasterCob

    Episode 123 - Good Girl

    Hahahaha, Scott thinks everything is lame! (mostly everything.)
  4. I hope Aukerman says, "my wife" in every podcast he's on this week.
  5. MasterCob

    Episode 96 — Hotzi

    Nice! Name-dropped REO Speedwagon in the first 6 minutes. My dad was in that band for 20 years (during the glory days), and just last week I sent him a link to your podcast, since I think he'll like it (he loves sports, music, and funny radio shows).
  6. MasterCob

    Episode 93 — Maggot Stampede

    Re: the staff of the Death Star. Were you guys intentionally paraphrasing Clerks?
  7. MasterCob

    Episode 117 — Ball Cauldron

    Lol, ten seconds in and I already cracked up at your pronunciation of that second fan's name.
  8. MasterCob

    Episode 72 — Scientific Matter

    Howard sounds like a drunk guy with a cold.
  9. MasterCob

    Episode 90 — 36 Virgins

    Great ep! Nice in-depth interview, good laughs, great tunes.
  10. I wish there was a way to autoplay a bunch of Ducca episodes in a row. His voice soothes me.
  11. MasterCob

    Episode 142 — Popcorn.com

    Yeah, I agree. In both this episode and the last one (with Tig and Rhona and Bev), once the character guest comes on, the main guests' schtick is basically just, "wow, this new guest needs to shut up." I think both episodes were really funny, though. But I think the character guests could be a little less dominant.