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    Episode 173 — Ride Like Hell

    it makes me feel like a huge loser for noticing this, but is the water bottle in the pictures the one that slowly drove Kulap insane when it was left in her kitchen?
  2. MrFeenysCar

    Episode 156 — Anniversary Party!

    this is the first time ive ever intentionally delayed listening to CBB, but I had to save this episode (and a few other earwolf podcasts) for a 24-hour plane journey to india. the wait was worth it and made the trip so much better. i have to admit, i started off thinking zach wasnt a great fit for CBB, but every episode he's on i like the dynamic better and better. behind PFT, he's my second-favorite "hearing him laugh off-mic at something instantly makes me laugh at whatever's being talked about" dude. and others have said it and i'll add to the chorus...thank you so much for the past few years. it's so great to have a weekly (free!!) source for something like this that instantly improves your life.
  3. MrFeenysCar

    Looking for a specific episode

    im going to post this here because I have a similar question and didnt want to clog up the forum. this is VERY specific request...but in an episode someone makes a joke about being molested/raped by Charles Atlas. Does anyone remember which episode this was on? Have I just totally imagined this?
  4. MrFeenysCar

    Best episodes?

    Ive listened to episode 59 (Paul F and Todd Glass with Andy Daly as August) more than any other. Like...an embarrassing amount. I'm going to stop myself from posting quotes, as the list would get long. As others have said...any episode with Tompkins, Wittels, or Daly are the easiest to get into. And god lord if you havent listened to a Little Gary episode in a while...revisit and enjoy.
  5. MrFeenysCar

    Episode 64 — Rolling In The Deep

    I'm so very glad my donation got used for an ep of Who Charted! (i think I just did the general donation thing). Fantastic job pronouncing my name correctly...something that very rarely happens. Dave Holmes always seems so darn likable in interviews. Glad he was on the episode. Keep up the good work!
  6. MrFeenysCar

    Episode 8 — Analyze Phish Episode 4

    longtime listener, first time forumssignerupperandposter. i dont know how to explain why i love harris so much. but just reading people type out things like "best night of my life scott" and im instantly transported back to the podcast and hearing it with his voice and timing. for some reason it all makes sense to me. kind of like a phish show i assume. little moments like that, or "shes our little miracle" from the CBB episode have me giddy every time i see harris is on the show.