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  1. TimThompson

    Episode 40 — Judge Dredd

    I find your run-of-the-mill action flick 'dreddful' & the parts that churn my stomach the most are cheesy taglines to killmoves. [Raspy Stallone Voice] "Court Adjourned" How could anybody be that witty with the pure adrenaline of just having had your life at risk is beyond me. Diane Lane also chimes in with "Judge Bitch" after dropping her foe in the catfight...whew, sucks.
  2. TimThompson

    The Other Sister (1999)

    Sounds good. Im going to need to check this out. Im thinking there might be some bad dialogue, which Im a fan of.
  3. TimThompson

    Episode 37 — Speed 2: Cruise Control

    I caught that too...terrible. Reminded me of the start of 'Cool As Ice'. Both are at the start of the movie, there must be a bad movie directors workshop on that scene.
  4. TimThompson

    Episode 35 — Tiptoes

    The hosts have an audio engineer & the capability to edit any of the audio you heard. They are obviously fine with whatever product they put out. You're accusing them of being intentionally insensitive & you're trying to platform your moral filter on their work. I like the unique product they create & don't want to see your hypersensitive filter show up in the show. This podcast isn't a campaign for political office. If it were I'm sure the hosts would apply the necessary tact & discretion that you desire.
  5. TimThompson

    Episode 35 — Tiptoes

    You can be offended all you want. Why do I have to hear about it though? People go through life hearing offensive statements the world over. Why do you think I care if you are personally offended? If you were really personally offended I wouldn't be hearing about because you'd keep it to yourself. This is a fansite so negative, accusatory comments about the show don't really have a place. If anyone is truly collectively offended please take time out of your day to create an anti-fansite & see all the crazy traffic you get.
  6. TimThompson

    Episode 36 — On the Line

    'Yo Boys' is way too offensive...We call those people 'aladeens'. Makes it a lot less confusing & isn't as offensive to aladeens or aladeens.
  7. TimThompson

    Episode 36 — On the Line

    Due to the potential subject matter of this week's podcast here's a preemptive advisory for sensitive listeners. ***The views expressed by HDTGM do not necessarily reflect the opinions of their nonexistant sponsors***
  8. TimThompson

    Episode 35.5 — Minisode 35.5

    I'll take what I can get since the podcast is tomorrow...thanks Shannon.
  9. TimThompson

    Episode 35.5 — Minisode 35.5

    Im having a hard time finding this movie. Amazon, Zune & Netflix don't have it. Any suggestions on where to find it?
  10. TimThompson

    Carrot Top

    This is probably the best guest spot I've seen on a late show. Norm MacDonald roasts this movie right in front of the co-star, Courtney Thorn-Smith. She's there to solely plug this movie & even she can't stop herself from laughing. Good choice...I've seen this movie & its out there. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lL0WayC7jW0&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  11. TimThompson

    Episode 35.5 — Minisode 35.5

    I know what it's going to be... ...Awesome!