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  1. jibberking

    The Game (1997)

    Too many pretentious hipster douchebags here. Is that how you gum your clients Lando?
  2. jibberking

    The Game (1997)

    "Saying that Fincher deserves scorn for this film is a pretty bold and presumptive statement." Chillax troll, let me guess, you got you're first boner during a matinee screening of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button? Posting a 4 second or 10 hour clip of Hitler is a pretty bold and presumptive statement too.
  3. jibberking

    The Game (1997)

    Holy crabcakes douchebag, you are way off. Wasn't assuming anything, anyone can post their own bad movie recommendations, this was mine. I may only have posted five or six times, but I've been listening to Earwolf for years, so I have every right to post something. Chill gringo, time to get that stick out of your peehole.
  4. jibberking

    The Game (1997)

    Hmmm, did I hit a sore spot Lando? A simple no would have sufficed.
  5. jibberking

    The Game (1997)

    What a fantastic birthday gift from Conrad (Sean Penn) to his brother Nicholas (Michael Douglas) - a game of death to commemorate their father's suicide. Good thing Nicholas jumped off the safe side of that skyscraper, eh? Fincher be damned, he deserves the HDTGM scorn.
  6. jibberking

    Episode 312 — Grounded Me@

    Thank you for getting "Everything is Awesome" out of my head. Hollywood Facts rules!!!
  7. jibberking

    Episode 29.5 — Minisode 29.5

    Splice has nothing on Canada's ultimate film treasure, Def-Con 4. Kudos to "Cool as Ice" as your next pick, the start of Van Winkle's "wtf" trifecta, followed by TMNT 2, and his soon-to-be released Happy Madison production.