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    The Peanut Butter Solution (1985)

    Yes this movie freaked me out as a kid. I blocked it out for decades until recently when I took to the internet in a google search for "80's movie kid hair peanut butter". The fact that this was a kid's movie blows my mind. I put this in the same category as The Gate. If I remember correctly, he thinks the solution is too runny so adds more peanut butter, which is why it won't stop growing.
  2. Adam D

    Episode 35 — Tiptoes

    Great Show. I really had no interest in seeing this, but the fact that you guys actually recommended it means I might now. Would love to find out if you ever find the 2-hour version. Also, I looked it up, and that girl Sally is a porn actress in real life! Also... Thank you thank you thank you for not having that horrible earwolf sign-off. Not only is it super loud and annoying, it's cringe-worthy regarding how not funny it is. Whenever I don't catch it in time to turn off, it kills whatever buzz I'm on after listening to your show. It made me not all that intereted in exploring the rest of the podcasts on the site. It feels disrespectful like their stepping all over the shows. There's no reason for it to come in with howls and yelling ultra-compressed and full blast and last as long as it does. When I'm wearing headphones, it's actually painful. Sorry, rant over.
  3. Adam D

    Episode 34.5 — Minisode 34.5

    I thought he was saying "Gary Coleman" at first. I was like... "Why is that so weird that Gary Coleman is playing a midget?"
  4. Adam D

    Episode 33 — Abduction

    Actually I know someone who died this way on vacation a few years ago. I wasn't that close with him, but a lot of my friends were. Still I didn't get upset at this scene. People do all kinds of dangerous things in movies. Even movies for kids and teens.
  5. Adam D

    Episode 33 — Abduction

    I actually like the cross talk. I think it adds to the humor when they all get so animated at the same time. Between the "literally" comments and all the other pointed-out flaws, what I don't want to see is them start censoring themselves or worrying about rules and formats. It will detract from the energy. In my opinion, it's a roundtable discussion with a bunch of friends, and short moments of chaos is part of how that nomarlly goes. Just my 2 cents.
  6. Adam D

    Episode 31.5 — Minisode 31.5

    OK... Can you please discuss the fact that Pacino totally cops a feel on Alicia Witt when they dive to the ground? I forget exactly where in the movie (i think it's when the car explodes) but when i saw it I was like "wtf??" doesn't even try to be slick, he just goes for it.
  7. Seriously, was this movie even supposed to be good? I don't think I ever saw a better example of a child who could write a better script. And the effects were atrocious. Even the acting was downright laughable and it's still not one of the worst two things about this movie.
  8. Adam D


    How could you save this movie in post? If you were the producer and this film was in the can, what would you have to do in post to salvage it? No easy outs like "set it on fire". What script doctoring would you do? What scenes would you have to re-shoot? Who would you have to re-cast, and with who?
  9. I know it might be in bad taste considering Aaliyah, but this movie was so comically bad for a major production that I honestly was cracking up through the entire thing. The acting and cinematography was so jarring and awkward, and just .... bad.