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  1. tomkurzanski

    Ridiculous Cage

    More Ridiculous Cage! Artist Jeff Victor has a line of art he's been blogging called "Classics of Crap" -- seems totally appropriate for the How Did This Get Made? audience.
  2. Thanks, Michael -- I love this podcast like crazy. 'the Things' is actually up today on ShirtPunch.
  3. a color-riffic entry:
  4. Thanks! I toyed with the idea of adding clumps of dirt trailing his descent, but thought it might mess with the E.T. aspect too much.
  5. The wheelchair cliff-dive from Mac & Me:
  6. MY ENTRY: the film strips in the bomb include references to (counter-clockwise from the top): • Avatar: the Last Airbender • Catwoman • Crank 2 • the Wicker Man • Sucker Punch • Superman III • I Know Who Killed Me • Leprechaun in the Hood • Old Dogs • Burlesque • Mac & Me • and, of course, Ridiculous Cage