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    The Gingerdead Man (2005)

    "Daddy, you have got to come and get me, I'm at Betty's Bakery and we got homicidal baked goods after us."
  2. C.LucasSmith

    Things (1989)

    You'll love Winterbeast: I guarantee it. First I've heard about Wicked World. A worthwhile watch?
  3. C.LucasSmith

    Things (1989)

    I commend your good taste, sir! I gotta admit, I do love Tailspin, but that STRYK9 stuff makes me wanna stuff my ears with cheese sandwiches. I too doubt that it will ever happen, but I would love to see them tackle this. Barry J seems like a cool guy and I couldn't imagine him refusing to participate. As far as favorite bad movies go, I'm torn between this one and the ripe slice of awesomeness known as WINTERBEAST.
  4. C.LucasSmith

    Things (1989)

    I have seen a lot of bad films in my time. I've laughed and cried with Tommy Wiseau. I've survived the horrors of a full-out Birdemic. I've wandered through the streets of Nilbog, pissing on hospitality with no regrets. My tolerance for bad cinema was high, or so I thought. My defenses were impregnable. I was arrogant, cocky, on top of the world... until I saw THINGS. THINGS, the masterwork of Andrew Jordan and Barry J Gillis, left me broken, at a loss for words. It is simultaneously the best and worst movie that I have ever seen. This film has it all: horrible acting, cheese sandwiches, mullets, beer, crappy special effects, a heartrending sci-fi soliloquy, Canadian accents, goofy looking monsters, an undeniably awkward cameo by porn star Amber Lynn, and one of the worst soundtracks of all time. Oh, did I mention that Jordan and Gillis make the sound effects with their mouths? I hold the the following pics to be self-evident:
  5. C.LucasSmith

    Vampire Girl Vs. Frankenstein Girl

    I love that movie!!