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    Submit clips here!

    This is not acapella, the guy in the middle is clearly holding AND playing an acoustic guitar. www.youtube.com/embed/VZKPcmoGVb8
  2. cityfreeze

    Professor Blastoff LIVE!!!! Best. Show. Ever.

    The live show was excellent. I had a great time, Ira Glass was a fantastic special guest and seemed smitten with Aaron in particular! Tig, Kyle, David and Aaron pulled out all the stops to bring the hatch to New York. P.S. - I was not distracted or disturbed by anybody's behavior at the show, the performers didn't seem to be thrown off at any point. A great time was had by most!
  3. cityfreeze

    Show us your Squarespace site!

    Here's the Squarespace site I created for my music stuff. Dave Richardson Music I love the templates Squarespace provides and the ease with which I can make updates. Thanks to Earwolf for making me aware of this great service!
  4. cityfreeze

    Plugs Song

    Hi, Just wanted to bump up this jam, it has not been played on the show. Thanks! Dave
  5. I just posted my submission, it's called "Plugs Song." http://soundcloud.com/daverichardson/plugs-song Thanks!
  6. cityfreeze

    Plugs Song

    Hi all, Here's my plugs theme song submission. It's called "Plugs Song." http://soundcloud.co...dson/plugs-song Thanks! Dave