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  1. Lukas Holmes

    Episode 153 - The 2017 OSCAR Podcast

    Ronna's opinions were confusing as hell on this.
  2. Why would they record the same day? Isn't NNF recorded pretty far away at Matt's studio?
  3. Yeah it started to sound serious at one point, but could not tell. So this was recorded on Feb. 12, 2015?
  4. So what was the thing that happened that made the day so strange? Did I miss them saying what it was?
  5. Dear. God. STOP GIVING THE CROWD A MIC. It's truly horrible.
  6. Lukas Holmes

    Episode 155 - Airborne: LIVE!

    I liked when Kumail got embarrassed and lashed out at the audience member who said 'Life is a Wave'.
  7. Lukas Holmes

    Episode 54 - Dreamgirls with Jimmy Pardo

    The fact that Jimmy had to ask, after all that time, the AD 'Ummmmm....who am I in this movie?" is amazing.
  8. Lukas Holmes

    Episode 340 - The Gi Is In The Bag

    I think Kaitlin is the best comedic actor on TV.
  9. There has never been a moment in HDTGM history that I laughed at as hard as that interaction with the condescending fan. My stomach hurts.
  10. Lukas Holmes

    Paywall Special Announcement

    I have to agree with Dan on this.
  11. Lukas Holmes

    Paywall Special Announcement

    From what I understand, no.
  12. Lukas Holmes

    Paywall Special Announcement

    You have to use the app to download I think. I only use the app on my phone and there is just a little download icon.
  13. Lukas Holmes

    Paywall Special Announcement

    The company supplied us with free shows for, what is it now? Five years? Taking the burden of all the costs upon themselves. But now that they can't shoulder the burden alone anymore it's 'greed'. GTFO.
  14. Lukas Holmes

    Paywall Special Announcement

    Isn't Paul part of the ownership? I thought he got a stake in all of this when the Howl stuff was announced? Am I just making that up? I remember a time period when it was announced that Paul was now a bigger stakeholder of Earwolf etc?
  15. Lukas Holmes

    Paywall Special Announcement

    And don't forget he charges for big episodes like the '12 guests' and 'tournament of champions' etc.
  16. Lukas Holmes

    Paywall Special Announcement

    Yeah, some of these comments are fucking gross.
  17. Lukas Holmes

    Paywall Special Announcement

    Interesting stuff.
  18. Lukas Holmes

    Paywall Special Announcement

    Most of the ads only pay if people actually go and buy the product. That's why they have the promo codes in each one. So if someone goes to the site, does the free trial or whatever and then enters the promo-code, then they get something. Do you think everyone is doing that that is listening to the episodes?
  19. Lukas Holmes

    Episode 466 - Gossip Guy

    Yeah, when there are like a DOZEN guests on, it happens.
  20. On iTunes the preview says, '3 Doors Down comes out in favor of slavery.' Haven't even started yet and I'm already laughing.
  21. Lukas Holmes

    Episode 466 - Gossip Guy

    That beard story makes my skin crawl every single time I hear it. A side note, and I'm sure something I'll get a lot of shit over...it always bothers me how much male comedians talk over female comedians on podcasts. There was an example here where LL was asked a question and then before she could finish her first sentence in response each of the three male guests took a turn interrupting her. It always bugs me. Happens a lot on HOW DID THIS GET MADE. Oh well, I'm sure I've just kicked a hornets nest for no reason.
  22. Lukas Holmes

    The Forum Forum

    No idea on either, I'm just here to tell you your name made me literally lol.
  23. 'Greed.' You call giving us free content for, what? 7 years? Then announcing 2 years ago that things are going behind a paywall, finally doing it (I think more than a year later than they said they were doing to do it) but still keeping all current things free and 6 months back free....is greedy? And, as they already pointed out, they take down episodes when asked to. So, maybe at some point some of the creators will say (like Jeff Garlin did) remove my stuff. But to call this 'greed', is just baffling.