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  1. Lukas Holmes

    Earwolf Forum Rules - PLEASE READ

    lol...wow. I don't think I've ever been in trouble on here for anything, but I will now be cancelling both my Stitcher and Howl accounts. Just....wow.
  2. Lukas Holmes

    The Forum Forum

    No one here yet is saying anything awful about women, so we're okay right?
  3. Lukas Holmes

    The Forum Forum

    That is one of the truest testaments to PFT. He makes these characters sound so interesting, then you find them in real life and you're like, 'Oh. You aren't near as fun.'
  4. Lukas Holmes

    The Forum Forum

    It really sucks we can't comment on today's CBB anniversary show. It was one of the best ever.
  5. I can't! The recreation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In tears.
  6. Lukas Holmes

    The Forum Forum

    Oh crap. =(
  7. Lukas Holmes

    The Forum Forum

    You okay?
  8. Lukas Holmes

    The Forum Forum

    I get the sarcasm there, but I don't about knowing because I want to be happy/sad, I just want to know what causes a forum to get shutdown so we can avoid it in the future on other shows. Also, I mean this is how many years of that forum? I am curious about what could have been so dramatic to finally push Earwolf too far and yank it.
  9. Lukas Holmes

    The Forum Forum

    Is that what happened?
  10. Lukas Holmes

    The Forum Forum

    I would really like to know what's going on with the CBB forums. I don't mind whatever the reason is, but I do want to know a reason.
  11. "Oh, I fucking HATE this person." Already loving this.
  12. "Well, I was an army brat.." "Oh my god." That exchange made me laugh so hard.
  13. I actually went to college with Shea. He got cast in Tigerland while still in school with us and kept talking about it then came back after shooting he gave speeches to all of the theater department and we all thought 'Ahhh whaddadouche. Who cares?' and laughed at this stupid stories. We're all office workers and losers now. Sooooooooooooooooooooooo.................
  14. Lukas Holmes

    Episode 282 - The Long-Haul Machinist

    Man, how fast is Neil? The fact that he so quickly came up with that 'I want to have a record for having the youngest record' thing was crazy.
  15. Lukas Holmes

    Episode 282 - The Long-Haul Machinist

    That youtube video of the dog puke enraged me to a degree little in my life has.
  16. You just want the national zoo to stage a monkey massacre? Monkey safety. The only way to stop a bad monkey is a good monkey...with a gun. Fucking amazing episode.
  17. One song in and I already started back over to hear it again. Besser has introduced me to more great music than anyone I have ever known.
  18. I am actually starting to have trouble hearing the start of the show because the insanity of the Trump supporters is so close to the joke he is making. =( Still one of my favorite shows though. =)
  19. Lukas Holmes

    Episode 280 - Pinchin' Loaves Jesus

    I love that they are like 'why didn't you ask what kind of plane it was?' after she said every single detail about the plane in the answer.
  20. Lukas Holmes

    Episode 474 - Liquid Meal Spheres

    I thought they were removed when they go into the archives on Howl? After the 6 months?
  21. This episode. Mom Off....Dad Stories.....Recreation. I.....I can't even. Are they going to go back and say they made a mistake at the end of the Oscars with Moonlight and THIS won best picture?
  22. Not as active, but they have a few on here. https://twitter.com/EarwolfQuotes
  23. This...is....a....disaster. Get up off a that casket, shake it till you feel better. She sounds like she was down to clown. Fuck you bro, I watched this fucking movie.
  24. Lukas Holmes

    Episode 153 - The 2017 OSCAR Podcast

    But then the thing about hating Spotlight and there was something else I am forgetting now.