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  1. Careful guys, this is getting dangerously close to turning into a CBB discussion thread which would have to be deleted.


    No one here yet is saying anything awful about women, so we're okay right?

  2. total bummer dude.


    Cake Boss takes me back to when I first heard CBB. And was so enamored with the character I tried to sit through multiple episodes of the TLC programme.


    (Did Not Make It.)


    That is one of the truest testaments to PFT. He makes these characters sound so interesting, then you find them in real life and you're like, 'Oh. You aren't near as fun.'

  3. I have to guess it was because of the episode "Tooth of the Sea." There was a wave of sexist comments about the guests, and a number of them were deleted. Plus, a lot of those comments came from new accounts. After that, the topic was locked.


    Oh crap. =(

  4. AKA, if you find out a reason, I'd like you to let me know if it makes you happy or not!


    I get the sarcasm there, but I don't about knowing because I want to be happy/sad, I just want to know what causes a forum to get shutdown so we can avoid it in the future on other shows. Also, I mean this is how many years of that forum? I am curious about what could have been so dramatic to finally push Earwolf too far and yank it.

  5. We really need the CBB episode threads open again, because today's episode is a best of the year top three, if not #1.


    Was this because some folks got hot over Middleditch's character?


    Is that what happened?

  6. I actually went to college with Shea. He got cast in Tigerland while still in school with us and kept talking about it then came back after shooting he gave speeches to all of the theater department and we all thought 'Ahhh whaddadouche. Who cares?' and laughed at this stupid stories.


    We're all office workers and losers now. Sooooooooooooooooooooooo.................

  7. Hello Everyone!


    We are working on a super duper top secret project and we wanted to ask the fans for help!


    So can you please tell us what some of your favorite lines, catchphrases, jokes, etc. are from Earwolf? As many shows as you can! As far back into Earwolf history as you can! We want to get a really good range of funny goodness going here. No need to find the episode or timestamp or anything complicated, just the text is all we need for now.


    Thanks in advance for your help and happy listening!


    Not as active, but they have a few on here. https://twitter.com/EarwolfQuotes

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