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    Episode 102.5 — Minisode 102.5

    I finished watching Zardoz today and by far it's the BEST HDTGM movie I've watched. It's super ambitious with it's crazy sci-fi story, I love the idea of these goofy immortal people who yearn to die but can't and I appreciated the technical achievement of the projector computer rings, back in the 70s that's not an easy thing to pull off and they did a good job. It's a good looking flick. It's fucking balls-out crazy bananas too but that's why it's on the podcast. I can't wait for this fucker to drop, I'm working overnight and I'll be refreshing the page until it appears!
  2. Nicktrack

    Episode 66 — Demolition Man: LIVE!

    I saw this with my Uncle when I was 13, and I have a really embarrassing confession to make: When the movie was over I jumped up out of my seat and yelled "YEAH, DEMOLITION MAN!" That's not the embarrassing confession though: In the next few weeks in school I was taking some kind of questionnaire, and one of the questions was something like "What do you think the future will be like?" All I wrote was: "Demolition Man" Thinking back on this now I can't stop laughing at how stupid I was back then!
  3. I was struck by the Mother's reaction when she's told her son and parents have been killed. Farmer appeared unperturbed that his young son was killed in battle, it seemed to me that his only emotion was annoyance that he had to dig a grave and bury him. Otherwise I detected no other emotions in Stathem's performance, is his character somehow devoid of emotions? HIS 10 YEAR OLD KID IS DEAD!! Contrast that to the amazing performance of Claire Forlani, the look of horror and grief on her face was crushing and cased me to tear up a little. I guess in Uwe Boll's world only women are effected by the deaths of their family members and grieve for them. Check it out (http://youtu.be/FOqz69WtCeI) it's at 51:00, I watched it just now and it made me tear up again.
  4. Nicktrack

    Bad Summer Movies!

    Transformers 3: Dark Side of the Moon Absolutely horrible! Its 2 hrs 34 min, nuff said there, not to mention the absolutely retarded acting: to call the actor's performances childish is to severely insult all children around the world. It makes Stallone's Dredd performance look subtle and nuanced, I would rather watch Judge Dredd 20 times than have to watch 10 minuets of Transformers 3 again.
  5. Nicktrack

    Episode 19 — The Wicker Man

    I am buying the unrated DVD of Wickerman on Amazon (by clicking through the Earwolf link of couse) because I bought the Rifftrax when I first watched this through Netfilx. I was surprised to see that this was a remake and I have to respectfully disagree with DC; the original's plot is not ruined by this horrible nick cage mess because the original actually makes sense! To answer Mark Steward's question: "I've only seen bits of the remake, but I'm curious if the film focuses at all on the protagonist's faith? The Christian values of the policeman in the original film are very heavily emphasized." No, the faith of Cage's character is of no consequence and not brought up, only the incomprehensible was-engaged-to-the-Fiona-Apple-girl-and-maybe-is-the-father-of-Rowan plot which sucks and is a real crime to the original because the greatest aspect of the first film is the debate of Christianity's validity over Paganism. Also the original's thesis is what if the ancient practice of human sacrifice to appease the gods were to be done in the modern world, which is lost in the remake with all the nonsense going on regarding Cage's sanity and what not. To all film lovers I highly reccommend the original Wicker Man, its almost 40 year old classic that asks some really intreasting theological and moral questions and even though you know the ending from the remake and/or this podcast its still great to watch; its very well acted (featuring Christopher Lee as the pagan leader, awesome), like I said it makes way more sense then the Cage remake and you really feel for the charracters, especially the detective in the end, its very moving. Do yourself a favor and check it out!
  6. Awesome show! Watching Birdemic was a horrible chore but the Rifftrax of it is really funny and I love how much their comedic commentary parallels at times with Paul & Co. Great to hear from Moore who provided the most enjoyable aspect of the film and clearly the only one involved with some actual film-making talent as an actor. And Weird Al, awesome as always! His description of how jarring it is when the birds FINALLY attack was simply perfect. I think this is the best HDTGM yet.