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  1. JustinStolle

    Episode 16 — The Smurfs

    Not to mention they kept calling her "Jayma Mills".
  2. JustinStolle

    Jason Twitter Conspiracy

    I can't tell if that's supposed be a sincere question or not. If it is sincere though, a comedian doing a bit that doesn't revolve around 100% fact is not selling out, that's just... comedy. Right, it's likely a "Yes, And..."
  3. JustinStolle

    Jason Twitter Conspiracy

    I think you should re-watch the segment: The Jeselnik Offensive: Defending Your Tweet - Jason Mantzoukas and Natasha Leggero. They didn't tell anybody to follow him on Twitter and it was obvious that the @JasonMantzouka1 account is not really his.
  4. That's because he had. Recently. The timing of your question couldn't have been better/worse. He just tried raising $50,000 and reached only $130 for another movie project on Kickstarter on April 3rd. He deleted his Kickstarter account shortly thereafter. He didn't do himself any favors, though, by barely advertising it. He didn't even mention it to the audience at the Hollywood premiere when there was still time left.
  5. JustinStolle

    Favorite Bad Movie Quote

    Without comparison, the craziest one for me was the "circle jerk" line from Tiptoes between Carol (Kate Beckinsale) and Steven (Matthew McConaughey). Carol: Have you ever been involved with a little person sexually? Steven: No, just kid's stuff, you know? Y'know, all the kids would come over, we'd sit in a circle, play doctor and that kind of thing. Couldn't have been more than ten or twelve, so that doesn't really count. Carol: So you had a circle jerk with a bunch of little people? I would have loved to see that. Steven: You would like to see that. Carol: Yes, I would. The mood of the scene doesn't fit the dialogue. Does Kate even know what she's saying? Why the hell would her character have liked to see that? How long has she been a fan of child pornography? And Steven referring to "the kids would come over" makes it sound like he wasn't a kid himself (he does mention age 10 or 12, but still it sounds weird). And "kids" (plural!), sitting in a circle, means at least four children to me. Is that a normal thing for pre-teens to do? Oof. Kate should be shocked and concerned, not endeared and amused. Steven doesn't dispute the "circle jerk" question either, meaning the other "kids" were also boys? Is this his way of telling her he had a homosexual experience as well? And because it was framed as a question about intimacy with little people, at least one of them must have been little or why else would he tell this story?
  6. JustinStolle

    Alex Cross (2012)

    Actual line of dialogue. Alex Cross: [Toward two long-haired and bearded computer techs examining an external hard drive] What do you guys got back there? Computer Tech #1: The IDE was routed to the BIOS in a weird way, and the cylinder/sector was stored in the CMOS. Thomas Kane: Yo, yo, yo. Geico Cavemen, what do you say we break that down in English. Computer Tech #2: We spelunked her email account.
  7. JustinStolle

    Episode 35 — Tiptoes

    There are also strange fart references. Rolfe is shouting on the phone to Sally and says, "I'm a fucking fart": Lucy asks Maurice if he farted in the hot tub: But biggest of them all, Carol's dad Kirk tells a full on limerick about farts and ends it with a crazy face.
  8. JustinStolle

    Episode 35 — Tiptoes

    Reiterating what was said in the episode, the dialogue in this movie is outright insane. Perhaps the craziest line is Carol (Kate Beckinsale) saying to Steven (Matthew McConaughey), "So you had a circle jerk with a bunch of little people? I would've loved to see that." Carol says she thinks she's pregnant, then: Steven: "But we've been using protection." Carol: "Yeah, except for those two or three times a week when you wake me up in the middle of the night. Don't tell me you don't remember, either." The words that Carol uses are also very uncommon in everyday speech: "I guess you have good reason to be cross with her." "I'm not mad, I'm just bewildered." "What a peculiar thing to say." "I think you have a lot of ambivalence about your family being little. [...] It's not a good thing for a child, if he's little, to have a father who's ambivalent about little people." Sally (Bridget Powers), on why she's having sex with a new live-in boyfriend: "I felt sorry for him--his whole family was evicted from their apartment in the Gaza Strip. I mean, how would you feel?" Carol chastises her mother, very harshly, after she wonders why Carol didn't just tell them about Steven's family earlier. "If you embarrass me, I'll never speak to you again, so just get it together, Mom, okay?!" Lucy (Patricia Arquette) giving her back-story, which makes no sense and is never referenced again: "Well, my ex-old man, Jerome, he used to whittle wood jewelry. See? He whittled all this for me. He even whittled me a wedding ring. See the splinter? Then he turned really evil. He was a truck driver and those guys are all on crank. And there's those, you know, transsexual prostitutes. Anyway, he flipped out and thought I was an alien walk-in. You don't wanna hear this stuff."
  9. JustinStolle

    Episode 6 — Battlefield Earth

    At 14:20 Jason says, "Guys, there is a sequence in this movie a thousand years from now where cavemen sit in a flight simulator at Fort Hood and learn to fly Harrier jets and then do." But about 14 minutes later (28:11), after he announces, "It's the year 3000!?" he says, "I had no idea that it was the year 3000... I just thought it was indeterminate near catastrophic future." He basically said it earlier, but then is shocked when someone else mentions it. Did Jason lose his mind with this one?
  10. JustinStolle

    Episode 40 — Judge Dredd

    Yeah, Jason starts that off by saying 23 centimeters (!) between the eyes. That would be highly disturbing.
  11. From their credits listed on IMDb (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1488404/), the song was in several TV shows, but also in the movie, 4) Jeff, Who Lives at Home The song is playing on the stereo in Pat's (Ed Helms) Porsche. The context of the scene is that Pat impulsively purchases a brand new luxury sports car without his wife's permission, angering her when she finds out about it over breakfast. Later, after a lunch involving alcohol, Pat takes his apprehensive brother Jeff for a ride to show off how cool the car is. "Two Princes" is playing on the stereo as he turns up the volume and praises the sound system. He generally behaves like a tool as he speeds up despite Jeff's protests, drives dangerously nearly causing multiple accidents, and finally crashes the car head-on into a large tree. The song reinforces the characterization of Pat as a middle-aged man desperate to inject energy and excitement into his life--perhaps trying to recapture his youth--though others around him don't care to follow along.
  12. JustinStolle

    Episode 21 — I Know Who Killed Me

    None of it makes sense. This is part of the original extended ending, so at least they realized it didn't belong--it's left up to the viewer I suppose. Maybe she can write characters that come to life like Stranger Than Fiction.
  13. JustinStolle

    Episode 21 — I Know Who Killed Me

    No, the door actually swings open. You see the (possibly CGI) hairless cat run out of the closet and for a moment you see the reflection I posted above. Here's an animation, again with lighting adjustments.
  14. JustinStolle

    Episode 21 — I Know Who Killed Me

    I watched the alternative ending and was looking directly at the closet and mirror as the door swings open. I didn't even see anything there the first time through. The film is so dark, I'm not surprised if Paul missed it, too. After brightening and sharpening up the image, here's basically what you should have seen in a split second. So, what the hell? In this ending, is the whole thing supposed to be Aubrey's story, but there's a real killer? Is that really a person in the closet? Who knows...