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  1. The devastating Craig Pre-Show. (via Sarah Silverman) Oh boy. http://t.co/jiToJ1VSw6

  2. Great show @wits. Thanks for having it available for our ear holes. #wits


    #FF @BTComics2013 keep up w/ all the funny folks performing @bridgetown this wkd. Such as @chrisfairbanks @huntsbergerjunk @ToddGlass & more

  4. PORTLAND! @huntsbergerjunk is in town all weekend @bridgetown! Come see some shows: http://t.co/kkFRKyDgQN Welcome Back, David!

  5. Tig's Lessons In Remaining Present. http://t.co/vGlVdD2kg5

  6. Tig delivers every flippin' time.

  7. Congrats to David's album "Explosion Land" for bumping up to 12th place in the top 100 on iTunes. He's not... http://t.co/6FLSzOm0KL

  8. Hoorah! Tig's on Conan tomorrow night. (4/17) Brand. Stinking. New. Watch. http://t.co/SG4Td8yp2u

  9. David's new CD dropped today. If you were among the 27 people who pre-ordered David Huntsberger's "Explosion... http://t.co/stNTTh3YgJ

  10. So what did everyone think of Louis C.k.'s new special? Anybody watch? LA Times wrote a pretty accurate review.... http://t.co/1P5MuEmI7q

  11. Welp, almost time for me to give @louisck my undivided attention. #OhMyGod

  12. FREE Tig Notaro show @westsidecomedy! 4/17 No fee, as Tig will just be trying out NEW material. (http://t.co/do7aJ2Jihf)

  13. That was so great.

  14. "The President has been shot. This has been Walter Croncrete from NBC News." http://t.co/H3Vr2Jy5CQ

  15. Finally. Professor Blastoff LIVE on VPN. Tomorrow. 6pm PST. http://t.co/pj2R2ihG3C http://t.co/xPQqX2ykuC

  16. Look...I don't care what anybody says. Kyle Dunnigan is one handsome man. Long nostrils, tiny calves and all.... http://t.co/v8SPlzwU8O

  17. Nothing but the truth. I miss this guy. http://t.co/H90VJL2D5F