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  1. AlexGabor

    Episode 261 — Nubile Agape

    I believe it's pronounced "Chuck No-BLAY"
  2. AlexGabor

    Holiday Bundle + Brand New 2014 Single Available Now!

    THE MUSTARD JAR OMG this bundle is killer
  3. AlexGabor

    Episode 8 — Who’s Got My Goo Balls?

    Scharpling is making the most salient points about why this is awful. Perfect!
  4. AlexGabor

    Episode 141 — Jersey Bonding

    great ep! love chris! i was screaming for him to tell howard kitty pyrde's been on the show.
  5. AlexGabor

    Episode 136 — Grand Poo-Ba

    Chip Gardner is listed on Mayor of Hollywood wiki today.
  6. oh my god this was last night? i blew it.
  7. AlexGabor

    Episode 132.5 — 06/14/13 TWO CHARTED 71

    thanks everyone for confirming 'Stard quietly saying "shoe-laps"
  8. AlexGabor

    Episode 130.5 — 5/31/13 TWO CHARTED 69

    so where these interns posting the charts?????
  9. AlexGabor

    Episode 124.5 — 3/19/13 TWO CHARTED 63

    How has Jon Hamm not been a guest yet!? Maybe he could summate seasons 1-5 of Mad Men for Howard.
  10. AlexGabor

    Episode 121.5 — 3/29/13 TWO CHARTED 60

    Howard is on totally laime today. also not downloading
  11. AlexGabor

    Episode 210 — A Spiritual Journey

    I desperately miss plane break and a Traci/Wompler episode makes me nervous, Wompler's gonna break her down (aka Womp it Up)
  12. AlexGabor

    Episode 120.5 — 3/22/13 TWO CHARTED 59

  13. AlexGabor

    Episode 95 — Math

    List of tv shows with zero rating due to flaws in Nielsen http://www.buzzfeed.com/kateaurthur/the-35-least-watched-shows-on-tv
  14. AlexGabor

    Episode 118.5 — 3/8/13 TWO CHARTED 57

    On the live stream last night, anyone catch the Live Movie Chart Themes feat. Adam Pally Bro Remix?
  15. AlexGabor

    Episode 118 — Shit Fits

    ok I guess I'm in the wrong here. GC is the new Steve-O is the new Chris Gore?