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    Episode 78 — Recovery

    Bye. Unsubscribing takes less than a second. Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya. And by the way, did it ever occur to you that maybe David was not referring to the earwolf forums? Did you not see the comments on ProfessorBlastoff.com? Anyway, about Tig's mention of The Moth..does this mean we should expect to hear her on The Moth in the near future?
  2. hlu

    Episode 68 — Feminism

    This is the most negative forum I've ever been on in my life.
  3. hlu

    Episode 60 — Quantum Physics

    I'm Sorry, they weren't expecting the shipment until Tuesdee.
  4. hlu

    Episode 60 — Quantum Physics

    Thank goodness 'Angry Algebra Teacher' and "Deeter" saved me from learning things through a comedy podcast.
  5. hlu

    Episode 59 — Human Energy

    totes noticed.
  6. hlu

    Episode 59 — Human Energy

    I merely expressed how I don't like reading the negative comments-yet I am the angry one and "wanting an argument". Weird. Whatever you say, guy. Or girl.
  7. hlu

    Episode 59 — Human Energy

    Nobody said everyone should only ever comment on how funny the show is. Some topics on this podcast are not always meant to be "funny". The point is, it's tiring seeing these comments about how "wrong" this person or that person is. What makes anybody any MORE right than anybody? As if these people saying "you're wrong" know EVERYTHING. Why would I purposely register for an acct JUST to say how wrong somebody is and complain about a free show? Why don't the "right" people create a podcast with all the "right facts" and we can all tune in. There's a difference between being cordial and putting the show and/or hosts down.
  8. hlu

    Episode 59 — Human Energy

    It's a free podcast categorized under "COMEDY". Not Science. The podcast was never meant to be all about science. I'm sorry-but comments like these exhaust me. The hosts are not your Professors. It is not their job to "TEACH" anybody anything. They don't even have to go in every week and record episodes. They are 3 comedians kicking back and discussing topics that interest them. They never said they were experts at anything they talk about. For Christ's sake. [/end rant]
  9. hlu

    Comedy Bang Bang on tour

    must be nice.
  10. hlu

    Episode 57 — Reconciliation

    god i love kyle's "tweets". i love them so hard.
  11. hlu

    Episode 55 — Music Vol 1

    "Guys, I feel like--" -David. poor guy.
  12. hlu

    Episode 160 — Slow Dance Boner

    I'm not sure which term I like best "Big Naturals" or "Set of Kulaps"
  13. hlu

    Episode 53 — Self-Esteem

    Go easy on Tig's sweet, sweet, baby Aaron. David has to know he has a bit of a cadence too. He has "handsome face" and his gentleman laugh is the best. He seems to sell himself short sometimes. David you're a wonderful man and I won't stand for this self-deprecation. Also, the whole thing about Tig not picking up on whether people are into her or not--I don't buy it. Ha Teenage Kyle should have taken PUA advice from David DeAngelo.......on second thought, judging from this clip--I think MOTHER'S advice would have been more beneficial. lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4dlIoPB-s0