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  1. Hi Lauren given the semi-ironic creepiness in many of these questions directed at you I'd like to apologize and rescind my previous question. New Question for Mary Holland: What's your favorite skateboard trick?
  2. Question for Lauren Lapkus Hi, Lauren, it's Intern Andy. I was just wondering: how are you? how have things been? it's been a few years. I hope you're doing well. Question for the othre guests: Do you have any tips for talking to girls
  3. kneisage

    Episode 185 - Zeke Nicholson, Our Close Friend

    please don't ban me. Sean and Hayes let me trade in likes for appearances on the show
  4. kneisage

    Episode 184 - Drew Tarver, Our Close Friend

    Oh hey little did you know, one of those people was ME, intern Andy, star of the show, much better than Chanson, #1 horniest guest
  5. please stop diluting my brand
  6. it's pronounced "niece" motherfucker
  7. wow the fan response is overwhelming looks like we'll have to do what they say huh Hayes and Sean yeah better do another episode immediately before we have a mutiny on our hands right guys haha OK well talk to you soon bye
  8. It's called vaping and it's how I unwind after a hard day's podcasting
  9. Hi just thought this classic 90s rock banger could use a couple more Comedy Bang Bang catchprases so I made it good now. Enjoy. Concept and "it's good now" cameo by my friend Beef. https://soundcloud.c...-man-nice-plugs
  10. Hahah thanks, but you don't really have to if you don't want. Keep on guicin bud
  11. Guicemann you rule! Can ya boy get a shoe as the earwolf's #1 handsomest intern? Here's me doing a good job by your shoes:
  12. kneisage

    Episode 122 - Deadpool, Our Close Fiend

    Not a man... but maybe a mouse. I don't think I really look like that. Email me at andy@timsvlog.org for a more current description of what I look like
  13. kneisage

    Episode 122 - Deadpool, Our Close Fiend

    Someone once told me that A.Kneis sounded like Anus which proves there is no God.
  14. kneisage

    Episode 122 - Deadpool, Our Close Fiend

    Yeah it's really me. To prove it, I'll say something only the real Andy would know--each of the swords is slightly smaller than the last.
  15. kneisage

    Episode 122 - Deadpool, Our Close Fiend

    Check it out guys! It's me Andy, posting.