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  1. Tiny_Tank

    Hit Points and Leveling Up

    This is great. I was thinking after listening to the last episode "why don't they just put up all the stats on the website then they can go look at them and update them whenever they need" and fortunately there is such an awesome Nerd Poker community! Thanks GM Sarli !
  2. This episode was like a surprise revelation for me because I don't remember any talk about wigs, and then suddenly there's a supercut of wig talk. That's just nuts! I also loved all of the times that Jason was laughing hysterically and cackling, for some reason that is the greatest. Also I don't know if Jason knows that there indeed exists a picture of Hillary Clinton eating a hot dog. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_YerOER0jURI/SfnUXkfC_vI/AAAAAAAABHY/HI2kZGJsG8U/s1600-h/Hillary.jpg I can't wait for part 2, this was such a great episode.
  3. Tiny_Tank

    Episode 90.5 — Minisode 90.5

    A great category for the Howdy's would be the movie that caused the most uses of the words "Literally", "Bonkers", "Banana's", "Amazing", "Insane".
  4. Tiny_Tank

    Questions for Sark

    What were all the players (and DM of course) favorite or memorable moments, and what were things that THEY wondered about when they zigged instead of zagged, or what did they have questions on in the campaign?
  5. Tiny_Tank

    Episode 73 — Space Ship Attack

    I also want to echo all the sentiments stated here. Such a great journey we've been taken on so far. Sark will definitely be missed! If they do roll up new characters I hope they all take a note from Brian and Damien and do something that's really different that they haven't done before. I can't wait to hear what Blaine has in store! I'll definitely be one more person to want to know all the "things the party missed". Stargoyle of course! But has everyone forgotten about Trondor? What ever happened to him? Will mildred ever warm to him?! Thanks so much for enriching all our lives, looking forward to that continuing. It might also be neat to hear what the players favorite highlights from the campaign were. Fun botches along the way, most epic rolls, and other funny or interesting moments that stuck out.
  6. Tiny_Tank

    Episode 65 — The Cavern Explosion

    This episode was so great, and so crazy! I can't wait for next week. I also feel like if only Sir Richard hadn't have rolled a 1 on that last gauntlet blast things might have also been different! But either way he went out like a badass. Boss. I did think it would've been really interesting if everyone died completely and we could hear all about what crazy stuff Sark had planned that they never got around to, took a different path on and other interesting things we don't know about the campaign in general, I'd love to know more of that behind the scenes of a DM stuff as I'm a super novice to D&D. I'm sure one of these days they'll have to start a whole new campaign/adventure. But I kind of knew he probably wasn't going to let everyone completely die.
  7. Tiny_Tank

    Episode 157 — Dirty Talking Droopy Dog

    Thanks for reading the letter about fellow podcaster Ryan Davis on the podcast this week. I too am a huge fan of Giantbomb and was greatly affected by Ryan's passing and appreciated your comments on how close you can feel to something/someone that you might not have a large interaction with and about the things that help us get through things in our life and have a great impact. You guys are fantastic and I love getting to listen to two podcasts with you each week.
  8. Tiny_Tank

    Sklarbro VNP TONIGHT

    Sweet, thanks, gonna check it out!
  9. Tiny_Tank

    Sklarbro VNP TONIGHT

    Is there a link or something to where you can view these? I heard them say it is on YouTube but what is the name of the YouTube channel? It is supposed to be live on Thursday right? (April 18)
  10. Tiny_Tank

    Episode 54.5 — Minisode 54.5

    Vanity... still my favorite sin.
  11. Tiny_Tank

    "Crazy shit that happened in old adventures" segment name

    I was just thinking since in the latest episode they mentioned how it would be neat to make a sealed envelope of how much stuff was known so we could compare what was improvised versus what wasn't like a little time capsule, that would be a great idea for it, the "D&D Time Capsule" since it is stuff from old games but not just "crazy shit" and sometimes things related to how they run their campaign, etc. So there's my entry: "D&D Time Capsule"
  12. An insane movie that is supposedly a sexually charged thriller, trying to follow on the heels of the Basic Instinct train. How can you say no to a crazy, and bad who dun' it themed movie with the likes of Jane March, Leslie Ann Warren, Scott Bakula, Brad Dourif, Lance Henriksen, and Bruce Willis' Penis! Here's the answer, you can't! Which makes this a perfect contender for HDTGM.
  13. Tiny_Tank

    Guests Suggestion

    People I think it would be neat for you to be able to have as guests would be: Penn Jillette or James Randi, both are totally awesome, very articulate and funny people. I don't know what topis you'd have them on for, maybe something like Skepticism or something like that, but I just wanted to say that they are people I'd love to hear on the podcast. Thanks guys, I love the podcast and eagerly await each one.
  14. Tiny_Tank

    Q&A w/ Paul Scheer Thread

    Hey Paul~ With you guys being fans of "The Cage" (Nic Cage for the rest of us) have you ever heard of screened.com? They are doing a feature called "Year Of The Cage" where they are talking about and reviewing each film of Nic Cage in chronological order each week for the whole year. (announcement here: http://www.screened.com/nicolas-cage/14-114/screened-presents-year-of-the-cage/107-18301/) Probably the easiest way to get to them all is to go to the Cage Forum and click each YOTC entry (http://www.screened.com/nicolas-cage/14-114/forums/) Every monday there is a new Cage feature. Each essay reviews not only the movie but his demeanor, hair quality, and a rankiing in the number of cages out of 10, and by cages they mean how "Nic Cage-y" the performance is. I'd figure movie fans and Cage fans like you guys are you might be interested/appreciate it. Love the Podcast and I look forward to each one!