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  1. Sheena

    We will miss you Harris

    OMG. Crying and smiling all at once.
  2. Sheena

    R.I.P. Harris Wittels

    I keep trying to distract myself from it. And then I think about it. And then I go online. And then I lose it. I want to marathon all the CBB eps where Harris was a guest. But I am not sure I am ready. I can take it in bits ad pieces (not really), but all at once feels like a wave of reality that I won't be able to handle.
  3. Sheena

    Thank You Harris

    I guess I need to listen to that ep. Because, I sure as hell can not bring myself to listen to any of the concert eps of AP. And I am sure you are right. But, it is just hard for me to laugh at the thing that took him away.
  4. Sheena

    We will miss you Harris

    I really want this to be a joke. I keep seeing it on the entertainment news. On entertainment sites. In the paper. And I keep hoping that maybe someone, somehow got it wrong. I would forgive the darkness of it, if it could have only been a joke.
  5. Sheena

    We will miss you Harris

    I am not sure I can listen to Analyze Phish eps anymore. Especially the concert ones.
  6. Sheena

    We will miss you Harris

    This may be a bit of word vomit, because I feel like this is the only place I can let it out. This makes me really sad. I read this online, and thought it was a joke, because the source was TMZ. Then, I Googled it. Then, I read his Wikipedia page. That is when I teared up. Then, someone on another forum posted one of his Foam Corner bits. That is when I broke down. And I felt like such an idiot, because he had no idea I existed. I was like, why the fuck am I crying? But that didn't stop me. I guess it is like what someone else said. Podcasts are an intimate genre. So you really get to know someone. And this goes to show how he cheers me up. Here I am, upset about his death, listening to a Foam Corner segment, and he just made me laugh. (In regards to stores offering cash-back: "That is like the bank offering zucchinis").
  7. Sheena

    CBB 1st episode online. Date? Time?

    I have to admit, when I pressed that 'On Demand' button on my remote, on early Saturday morning (1:30am), went to 'T.V. Series' and scrolled to find "Comedy Bang Bang' I literally squealed in delight. It was an audible sound. I was never a fan of IFC until this came along. Now I am so glad that channel is a part of my newly expanded lineup. The staring bit between Mr. Aukerman and Mrs. Poehler was my favorite part, especially that sideways stare he gave her. I do not get how you two can keep a straight face with so much comedy around. I was happy when it was noted how bizarre that 'pregnant with an adult man' thing was. Bizarre awesome. Although, how he was able to get a kid out of that brings some unique semi-lesbianic scenarios to mind. Remind me to never wish I was never born in case 'God' takes it literally. Thank you for all of your hard work. Because of this podcast, and this new T.V. show, I have a new appreciation for comedy.
  8. Sheena

    Harris' Foam Corner Online

    Awesome. That must have taken a lot of time.
  9. Sheena

    Episode 156 — Anniversary Party!

    I remember that line. I would like to think she was thinking of CBB as she wrote that.
  10. Sheena

    Takin' a Plane Break!

    I like it. The effect of the plane in the background was cool.
  11. Sheena

    Best Friends Forever (Wompler Related)

    This makes me sad. I really liked this show. It can be difficult to pull off a female-led show without it coming off as girly. And I think BFF pulled it off really well. I say we take bats to Steve Burke's car (the C.E.O. of NBC). He obviously does not have a best friend.
  12. Sheena

    Episode 153 — Jing It Or Ding It!

    By bells you mean balls, right?
  13. Sheena

    Episode 31 — April Fools!

    Buzz Buzz Buzz! So happy there is another episode of the Apple Sisters!
  14. Sheena

    Hopes and Dreams for The CBB TV show

    The preview was absolutely hilarious. I loved the Celebrity Advice especially. And the showing a clip that JUST happened. All I really want to see is how this all plays out. I really like the potential of this and I hope it gets a fair chance. I'm just curious as to how you would be able to work out having the characters on. With the podcast, it is audio based so it is easier to pull off. But I would be interested to see how/if that would be implemented on the show.